Chapter 95 - Devouring Spirit

Chapter 95 - Devouring Spirit

“Genius Doctor Xi, do you know what kind of poison was in Haoxuan’s body?”

Hexi’s movements slightly paused and she was silent momentarily before finally saying, “The poison found in Young Master Ouyang’s body was Devouring Spirit. This poison is extremely rare in Jin Ling country, it's colourless and tasteless, so it's very difficult to detect this poison in an ordinary martial artist. Once this poison is administered, it nourishes itself on the body's spiritual power, rapidly spreading throughout the entire body. For people infected with this poison, the meridians will rot inch by inch, while the dantian will gradually wither until all that remains of the person is a layer of skin, only then will they stop breathing. During this process, the person will feel like they're slowly being devoured by a thousand ants, in such unbearable agony that they would wish for death. An ordinary person would absolutely be unable to endure it.”

When saying these words Hexi’s face had slightly blushed, this was because she wasn't able to find out any information about the Devouring Spirit poison. Rather, the information had come from Nangong Yu who had taken the bottle of poison with him, and several days later had ordered people to deliver a Jade Slip detailing the poison to her.

Recorded on the Jade Slip was information regarding the Devouring Spirit's prescription and toxicity, with even a few detailed cases attached. With such a rare poison, she knew that within such a short period of time that she wouldn't have been able to find out such knowledge.

Yet just recalling the shameless words that person had attached at the end of the Jade Slip caused Hexi’s heart turn from gratefulness to resentment.

That shameless bastard, who would like to think of him while lying awake restless and worried at night! Just dream on!

Ouyang Zhixiong's and Ouyang Haoxuan's faces changed after hearing Hexi’s explanation.

Ouyang Zhixiong fiercely attacked a rock nearby, and after just hearing a bang, that rock that was as tall in height as half a person, instantly collapsed into dust, “Who would be this vicious as to actually use Devouring Spirit to deal with my Ouyang family?! He not only wanted to destroy Haoxuan, but also wanted to make our Ouyang family sink into a situation devoid of hope!”

Ouyang Haoxuan slightly moved his mouth as he sneeringly said, “No matter who is it, since they dared to plot against I, Ouyang Haoxuan, then there will be a day where I must make them repay what they owe a thousand times.”

Hexi wasn't interested in participating in the Ouyang family’s revenge, and since the illness was already cured, she was naturally ready to leave.

However, just when she was about to go, she heard Ouyang Haoxuan gently call out to her, “Genius Doctor Xi, please stay a moment.”

Hexi turned around and saw the man who had been reclining on the rattan chair slowly stand up, his slender body appearing thin and weak under the sunshine, yet his back was quite straight.

“Genius Doctor Xi, can you Xi Yue?”

The man’s low and quiet voice was slightly hoarse, causing Hexi to raise her eyebrows yet not answer.

Ouyang Haoxuan also didn’t intend for her to respond, his mouth lifting into a shallow smile as he said, “Maybe Xi Yue didn't take me seriously, but I still want to say it to you again. Young Master, you have graced me with a new lease on life, so I, Ouyang Haoxuan, hereby vow, that in the future if Xi Yue has any requests of me, as long as it doesn't bring disaster to my Ouyang family, I will certainly to go through any difficulty to accomplish it for you. If I violate this oath, let me be struck with divine punishment.”

Hexi stared blankly, while Ouyang Zhixiong was shocked, but immediately thinking of his son, who just half a month ago was dispirited and desperate, he felt relief.

It wasn't an exaggeration to repay this life saving kindness by willing to risk life and limb.

Hexi was surprised by Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes, they were too bright, too cold.

They somewhat resembled an aurora blooming between glaciers, obviously dazzling to look at, yet without a trace of emotion.

Subsequently, Hexi felt a smile burst across her face, and without hesitation, she turned around and left Ouyang Manor.

No matter what promises or oaths she heard, for her, it was all meaningless. After all, the partner who had previously accompanied her for ten years had easily betrayed her, isn’t that so?

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