Chapter 93 - Large Amount Of Perfect Supplement Soup

Chapter 93 - Large Amount Of Perfect Supplement Soup

In addition to Wet Nurse Chen, Hexi also gave Xi Jia and the others a perfect supplement soup to use in conjunction with a detailed training program to build up their strength.

The basic training that Xi Jia and the others were now following was very intense. Every day they got up at Mao Shi[1], and weren't able to rest until You Shi[2] in the evening.

Hexi was teaching them the Special Force’s basic training methods from her previous life. These training methods seemed simple at first glance, but in fact, they would cause the body to reach its limits time and time again, so that on a battlefield of death they would fight to live. In this way, step by step, their physical strength slowly became stronger.

So every night, after they finished training, they were each served a bowl of the perfect supplement soup. It was the final step to help refine their bodies, a support to strengthen and stabilise the training.

It is reasonable to say that Xi Jia and the others training was very bitter, but they not only hadn't complained, instead they were full of anticipation everyday. Every evening after training, their eyes as they looked at Hexi were shining, brimming with reverence and gratitude.

In the spacious dining room, Xi Jia gulped down the last of the huge amount of prepared supplement soup. Still not completely full, he licked the bowl clean of soup then reluctantly put down the big bowl.

Beside him, Xi Yi’s actions were almost the same, and in the end he couldn’t help but sigh, “Young Master’s cooking skills are really amazing! Such a delicious soup, even if he were to make me drink it for a lifetime, I would still be willing.”

Xi Jia sneered at him, “Do you think this soup is just delicious? If it was only delicious, it wouldn't be Young Master personally cooking it. Don’t tell me that all of you haven’t discovered it yet, that since we've been drinking this soup our bodies conditions have improved. Everyday they become better, with our strength also advancing and experiencing changes. I dare say that after half a month, I wouldn't have any fear even if I fought with a ninth rank martial artist of the Qi Refining stage!”

“That’s right!” Xi Bing, sitting across the table excitedly exclaimed, “Young Master is really too amazing! How can the spiritual energy in the food be so rich, the effect so miraculous, and even the taste be so good?!”

“True, although Young Master has instructed Wet Nurse Chen and Miss Xiao Li on how to prepare the food, the taste of their food can’t be compared with Young Master’s.”

“Moreover, have you all heard Young Master’s words? Now that our training is underway, and only the most basic training at that, as long as we can pass this stage, he will teach us far more powerful skills in the future. Once we've learnt these special skills, even if we were to meet with a Foundation Establishment stage martial artist, we wouldn't need to have the slightest amount of fear.” Xi Yi’s hands tightly clenched into fists, his eyes slightly red, “Previously we were kept in cages to be sold and were ignored by people, who would have ever thought that there will be such a day like this!”

“Yes! Which Young Master resembles ours, buying slaves not to flog, beat, or curse at them, and instead raising them with delicious food?”

The ten people were talking spiritedly, and thinking of their Master now, their eyes were full of sincere admiration usually seen when worshipping an idol.

Xi Jia looked at the nine brothers who had trained together these past few days, his smile suddenly vanishing, his face solemn as he said, “Young Master has given us a new lease on life, if it hadn't for him, we would've always been the slaves that were looked down upon by people. Brothers, we must pass this training so that in the future we can repay Young Master.”

In the dining room, a combined shout of “Alright!” echoed as it sounded. Xiao Li, carrying a small plate of fruits, smiled as she looked at this scene. However, she couldn’t help but remember the youth on a long journey.

Brother, when will you be able to finish avenging our hatred and return? If you don't return soon, Miss’ most trusted servant position will be taken away!

[1]Mao Shi 5-7 am

[2]You Shi 5-7 pm

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