Chapter 9 Slave Restriction Spell

Chapter 9 – Slave Restriction Spell

Recalling the terrible memories caused the four guards to get really angry, and when they glanced at the unconscious Hexi in the dim corner, their expressions darkened.

One of them suddenly laughed demonically, “There will come a day when the furnace’s usefulness will be exhausted, just wait until she doesn’t have any value left. Will the Young Master still care about her then? At that time, we can let her experience the taste of wanting to die but being unable to!”

The four people laughed heartily at their conversation, the originally depressed mood swept away.

Hexi had her eyes closed to feign sleep, however, behind those closed eyes a trace of killing intent flashed.

Those slags, she won’t let them off!

Hexi slightly moved her fingers, and several Invisible Needles suddenly appeared in her hand.

Using the guards’ laughter to cover up any sound, her body issued a slight crackling noise.

In a blink, she twisted and reduced the size of her wrist bones, effortlessly breaking free from the iron chains that bound her.

This type of skill to reduce a bones size, while it was useful, when practiced it was more of a one time trick. To use it she had to bear an inhumane amount of pain. Moreover, she could only maintain it for a few short seconds, so only a monster like Hexi could endure it!

Because of the pain, her complexion became pale. She lightly placed a slim finger on a vein on her wrist.

Sure enough, it’s the Brain Domain Restriction Spell!

The corner of Hexi’s mouth lifted into a self-confident smile.

Her guess was true, the so called Slave Restriction Spell, used spiritual power inserted into the nerves of an ordinary person’s brain domain. It would lock the person’s ability to control their body normally.

The Slave Ownership Card was the key to activate this lock.

It was the same as how Tang Seng used the Band Tightening Spell to control Sun Wu Kong[1]. Once the spiritual power was poured into the Slave Ownership Card, it locked the brains domain nerve of spiritual power. At the same time it also blocked the slave’s ability to recover, oppressing the human brain, causing it to be unable to resist pain.

This type of Restriction Spell was useless on a martial artist who possessed spiritual power. But when used on an ordinary person, it would be as if they were at the edge of a sword, simply unable to resist.

What a pity that today they ran into her, Hexi!

One must know, that while in the organisation in her previous life, Hexi had mastered many skills. Apart from mastering poison techniques and expert medical knowledge, she had also mastered something that made people fear her, it was Mind Control.

She only needed to insert a small Invisible Needle into an enemy’s brain, causing them to become completely powerless and unable to resist her commands, making them wish for death.

This insignificant Brain Domain Restriction Spell, when compared to her it was only a minor accomplishment!

The Invisible Needles were rapidly, and accurately, inserted by Hexi into her brain. A strange chilliness, along with an intense burst of pain, was felt in Hexi’s head.

She clenched her teeth to prevent her groan being heard by the guards in the carriage.

This pain lasted a full three and a half minutes. Hexi felt the drowsiness in her mind suddenly leave, her thoughts became clearer, and her eyes shone brighter. She felt extremely relaxed, yet energised.

As Hexi pulled the Invisible Needles out, she happened to see that attached to the top of the three needles, there was a layer of faint blue light.

Her cold breath quietly exhaled in the dimly lit corner of the carriage.

So this is the Restriction Spell, filled with spiritual power then planted into her brain.

Suddenly the carriage started to shake, followed by a ‘creak’ sound before it stopped moving.

They had arrived at Zhu manor!

Hexi didn’t have much time to think, very quickly she threw the Invisible Needles with the Restriction Spell still attached, into her space. Using the iron chain, she tied her hands and feet, closed her eyes, and pretended to be unconscious.


The golden cage that was carried down from the carriage by the guards’ contained a messily clothed, unconscious little girl.

Zhu Zhongba waved his hand, “Carry her to my room! Tell Uncle Guan to prepare some good pills. Tonight, this young master shall be promoted from the Qi Refining Stage, to the Foundation Establishment Stage!”

His gaze swept over Hexi, his eyes flickering with excitement, “Wait until I successfully advance to the Foundation Establishment stage and return to Zhu Family, it will make father shocked. See if he can still scold me as a useless person then.”

[1] The Monk and Monkey King character in Journey to the West

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