Chapter 89 - Bai Hu’s Gossip

Chapter 89 - Bai Hu’s Gossip

Zhu Que was so frightened that her whole body trembled, her knees thumping to the floor as she fell to kneel, “This subordinate examined Miss Nalan’s body and found that she is just an ordinary person without a cultivation base. The Jade Muscle pill is a fourth rank medicinal pill, it’s really harmful to Miss Nalan. So, without permission, I decided to exchange it with Pure Jade Dew pills which only have a mild effect. Yet afterwards, Miss Nalan demanded that this subordinate also give her the Jade Muscle pill. Begging Master to clearly distinguish this.”

Nangong Yu lightly said, “I just casually asked, you don’t have to be so nervous.”

Suddenly, he pointed to her face and asked, “What happened to your face?”

Zhu Que touched her left cheek, ashamed, resentment flashing in her eyes.

She, Zhu Que, posed as a beauty. No one in Hell King's Manor could be compared to her. Added with her excellent medical skills and decent cultivation base, Master has always thought highly of her. Apart from herself, there has been no other woman who could get close to Master.

But now, that immature ugly girl had dared to injure her cherished face, causing the hatred in her heart to rise in turbulent waves.

At this time, sloping scratches extended from her temple to her cheek on the left half of her face, and although the scar wasn't long, it was a faint greyish colour. As long as a person with discerning eyes looked at her face, they could easily spot it.

The appearance Zhu Que had cherished the most was now like heart piercing torment to her. Yesterday, she didn't immediately treat the wound, so now it’s become like this.

Zhu Que lowered her eyes, her face showing a humiliated and flustered expression, and with a low voice said, “Miss Nalan, when she demanded more than ten types of precious medicinal pills from this subordinate, this subordinate originally refused...but who knew that she would suddenly throw a strange silver needle. At the time, this subordinate was not aware...however, Master, please don’t blame Miss Nalan, she is also worried the scars on her body will remain, so momentarily anxious, this subordinate was too careless. This subordinate is obviously a cultivator of Gold Core stage, yet still managed to be injured by an ordinary person’s hands.”

Zhu Que lifted her head, concealed the radiance in her eyes, and with an enduring and humiliated expression, she looked at Nangong Yu.

She just couldn't believe that Master would be seduced by such a greedy and vain woman.

But who knew what Nangong Yu was thinking as he just casually smiled, his pitch black eyes like calm ancient wells, not revealing a trace of his emotions.


An incense stick of time later, Zhu Que left the hall, her face livid.

She touched the wound that was still faintly painful and itchy, her heart full of hatred.

She had exposed all of Nalan Hexi’s wicked conduct to Master, yet, unexpectedly, Master didn't say anything, only waving his hand for her to withdraw.

Could it be that Master truly liked that smelly girl?

Zhu Que gnashed her teeth while thinking, and Bai Hu, coming from the opposite direction, saw her ashen complexion and the scar on her face. He couldn’t help but be surprised as he asked, “What happened to you, how come your complexion is so unsightly? Did Master reprimand you?”

“Furthermore, why does a scar still remain on your face, aren't you a grand fifth rank doctor? Such a little wound, yet you still can’t treat it?”

Zhu Que's complexion immediately became gloomier, coldly saying, “You don't need to be so meddlesome, manage yourself instead!”

Bai Hu shrugged, it isn't good to provoke a woman over her appearance. Rather, recalling what he had just seen in the hall, he couldn’t help but gossip with Zhu Que, “Hey, Zhu Que, you haven't found Master abnormal today have you? He went out early this morning, bringing Qing Long with him, and not returning until the sun set in the west. The expression on his face when he returned was as fresh as a spring breeze. When I reported to Master, it was the first time I'd ever seen him absent-minded.”

Zhu Que’s heart grew cold, she couldn’t help but hesitate as she asked, “Do you know...who Master met today?”

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