Chapter 88 - Two Faced

Chapter 88 - Two Faced

It was fate. From the first moment he saw the radiance in her eyes when she opened them in Gluttonous House, his heart was drawn, unable to break free.

But so what if he couldn't break free. If he, Nangong Yu, wanted something, there wasn't anything he couldn't obtain.

Just at this moment, the guard's voice from outside the door lightly reported, “Master, Zhu Que requests to see you.”

Soon after, a beautiful woman dressed in red walked into the hall, then kneeled towards Nangong Yu in greeting.

Her movements were as elegant as moving clouds. Without losing any of her outstanding beauty, when she kneeled, her chest and abdomen were still slightly upright, completely exposing the pretty curves of her body.

Nangong Yu said, “Rise. The girl that I ordered you to examine, how was the condition of her injury?”

Zhu Que slowly stood up, her face frosty and eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Contempt flashed in her eyes but quickly vanished without a trace, while on the surface she was still respectful as she replied, “Answering Master, Miss Nalan was only superficially wounded, it’s not serious.”

After Zhu Que had returned, she discovered that the person who lived in that remote courtyard, where no spiritual energy existed, was unexpectedly Nalan Manor’s concubine born Third Miss. Moreover, she was the trash who had long been abandoned by Nalan Manor.

Not mentioning an insignificant place like Nalan Manor, but just basing it off her physical condition as trash and her low born birth, the people in Hell King's Manor simply wouldn't even bother to pay attention to her. Yet she still dared to seduce Master, she could be damned!

Nangong Yu nodded, he had used his spiritual power to examine her, so of course he knew her body didn't have any problems. Only, thinking of those criss crossing scars, a trace of chilliness swept across his heart.

“The scars on her body will be able to heal?”

Zhu Que dropped her gaze to hide her mood, while her hands hanging at her side were tightly clenched. Using a mocking tone to refer to herself, she said, “Master, this subordinate is a fifth rank doctor, yet it's still impossible for me to treat insignificant scars. How can I even have the qualifications to serve Master?”

After hearing no response, she secretly lifted her eyes to see a smile that wasn't a smile on Nangong Yu’s face. She couldn’t help but bite her lip, then, appearing like it was accidental said, “Because Miss Nalan’s injury was only caused by an ordinary object, it didn't injure the texture of her skin. So, this subordinate originally planned to give her a bottle of second rank Pure Jade Dew pills as it would be enough. Although this medicine’s effect is ordinary, so the time to completely recover would be longer, it would benefit an ordinary person like Miss Nalan due to the nature of the medicine, which is that of alleviating pain. But, who knows...who knows…”

Zhu Que once again glanced at Nangong Yu, and seeing him restrain his smile, with his brows slightly wrinkled, she happily continued, “Miss Nalan probably knew that this subordinate is a fifth rank doctor, so she wanted a portion of every type of medicinal pill. But those medicinal pills are all for third rank and higher, for an ordinary person to take those medicines will cause their body to explode. This subordinate painstakingly tried to persuade her for a long time, yet Miss Nalan not only didn't listen, she said...she said...she is a person who Master regards as important, while this subordinate was only a slave. What could this subordinate do, other than do what she was told? This subordinate is really incapable, I could only give her a portion of every type of medicinal pill.”

Nangong Yu slightly smirked, neither reprimanding or appeasing her, only asking one thing, “Oh, is that so?”

Zhu Que was frightened by her Master’s meaningful gaze, as if he could see into her heart. Having no other choice but to restrain her guilt and fear, she nodded.

Nangong Yu suddenly spoke with a deep voice, “But I remember ordering you to bring the fourth rank Jade Muscle pill. Zhu Que, are you outwardly agreeing to what I say, yet secretly opposing my orders?”

“This subordinate doesn't dare!” Zhu Que was so frightened, her whole body was trembling as she fell to her knees.

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