Chapter 87 - Nangong Yu’s Mind

Chapter 87 - Nangong Yu’s Mind

After returning, in the Meeting Hall of the Hell King’s brightly lit Manor, several subordinates were reporting a lack of progress to their Master.

“...those are the current circumstances regarding Metal Qilin.”

Bai Hu has been reporting for half a day already, yet once he raised his head, he saw his normally cold hearted Master looking somewhat absent-minded. Although the expression on his face was still indifferent, those beautiful star-like eyes were gleaming brightly, as if he was thinking of something interesting.

Bai Hu’s chin almost hit the floor. They all knew that although their Master was only twenty years old, his face was usually set in a demonic sneer. His deep eyes similar to a calm ancient well, as if in this world, simply no one or anything was able to arouse his interest.

Usually during the daily report, Master would only need to listen to the beginning, straight away knowing the rest without have to hear it. So without having to wait for them to finish their report, he's able to give them accurate instructions on what to do.

But today, Master was actually absent-minded. Bai Hu had finished his report and Master's orders still couldn’t be heard. This...this was simply too unimaginable.

What was Master thinking of? Bai Hu was uncertain, and he couldn’t help but secretly cast a glance towards Master’s slightly pursed lips.

That spot of light peach colour on his lower lip, it seemed to look like bite marks…

Bai Hu’s heart palpitated. Master is on the Nascent Soul stage, with his spiritual power, he would be able to heal this minor cut...but now Master had kept the wound, in the end, who caused it?

He vaguely cast a glance towards Qing Long who was standing behind Master like an invisible person, asking with his eyes, 'what happened with Master today?'

Qing Long's expression was cold, a trace of confusion and anger visible in his eyes.

Just when Bai Hu was becoming extremely confused, Nangong Yu finally came back from his thoughts to see Bai Hu's confused expression and darting gaze, so he couldn’t help but faintly say, “I already understand the circumstances regarding Metal Qilin. Since the situation is now unusual, you can command them to train for the time being. If something happens, then let Wu Xin handle it.”

“Yes, Master.” Bai Hu quickly focused his thoughts and respectfully said, “This subordinate will notify Wu Xin.”

“If there is nothing else, you can all withdraw.” Nangong Yu said with a wave of his hand.

They quickly answered, and under Bai Hu’s lead, they quietly withdrew from the hall, Qing Long following as he was also ordered to leave.

Nangong Yu sat alone in the large hall, and as his hand reached out to lightly touch the small cut on his lower lip, the corner of his mouth lifted into a light smile.

What is that little thing doing now? Were there any thoughts of him?

Before Nangong Yu’s eyes, an elegant and beautiful image slowly appeared. Obviously it’s a teenage girl, yet even though she was disguised as a man, there wasn't the slightest flaw in her disguise. Even Ouyang Zhixiong, one of the top experts in the country, was unable to see through her disguise.

If he hadn't recognised that pair of purple eyes earlier, perhaps even he would be unable to imagine that the elegant as a pearl Xi Yue, the Genius Doctor Xi, and Nalan family's abandoned and ugly concubine born daughter, Nalan Hexi, were unexpectedly the same person.

In his mind, the actions of the two people in the carriage flashed past. The little girl’s dainty body was soft and emitted a nice fragrance, her lips more delicate than a flower petal. These scenes replayed over and over in his mind, causing him to feel agitated and his body to feel burning hot.

Never before had a person so affected his emotions like this little girl did, making him long to possess her, eager to be able to see her every frown and smile.

Note: Bai Hu means White Tiger. He's now the third mythologically named character introduced as working for Nangong Yu.

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