Chapter 86 - Do You Believe Me?

Chapter 86 - Do You Believe Me?

The corners of Hexi’s mouth puckered as she fiercely said, “So, what should I do to be able to resist the Yuan Yang Fruit’s Yang nature?”

Nangong Yu coughed before slightly smiling, “In order to neutralise the Yang in the Yuan Yang Fruit, you must use the coldest Yin object, the Yuan Yang Fruits’ counterpart. This way, it will help guide the Yuan Yang Fruit's heat straight to your dantian, but cooling it enough so that it won't be more than your body could bear.”

Hexi frowned, “Then what's the coldest Yin object?”

Nangong Yu again smiled slightly, “Take out the Yuan Yang Fruit first.”

Hexi glanced at him suspiciously, but without pause, she still withdrew the jade box containing the two Yuan Yang Fruit from her space.

The one sitting in front of her was the great Hell King, an insignificant fifth rank Yuan Yang Fruit was nothing in his eyes.

Nangong Yu saw that she had no hesitation when she brought out the Yuan Yang Fruit, and the dazzling radiance in his eyes shone brightly.

Taking the jade box, he gently opened the cover, and a blazing heat burst forth. But as if it was nothing, his slender fingers gently stretched, grabbing one of the Yuan Yang Fruit.

The next moment, the Yuan Yang Fruit in his hand disappeared before Hexi's eyes. Nangong Yu had just clearly deposited it into his storage space.

Hexi blinked, momentarily not understanding what it was that Nangong Yu was doing.

Nangong Yu’s eyes deeply looked at Hexi, but instead of explaining to her, he gently reached out his hand to tuck her disordered hair behind ear, then slowly said, “I’ll take this Yuan Yang Fruit as a reward. In a month, I will bring you the coldest Yin object. After that, you will be able to remove the seal on your dantian and become a cultivator.”

Hexi stared blankly, almost blurting out the question of why he was helping her to this extent. In regards to him taking a Yuan Yang Fruit as a reward, she didn’t mind, as it should be his.

However, Nangong Yu’s burning gaze made her voice sluggish, so no matter how hard she tried, her voice wouldn't come out.

At this moment, he lowered his head, his warm breathing fanning her slightly open red lips, his voice intimate, “Xi Er, do you believe me?”

Hexi's body froze, as if by a spell, her mind like paste.

Though even when she couldn't react, she still subconsciously nodded.

That’s right, she believed Nangong Yu. She believed this stranger, this mysterious man, who has given her a lot of help.

Despite there being no reason, she was convinced that whatever Nangong Yu promised, he will certainly accomplish.

The carriage soon arrived at a desolate area and stopped, not far away from her courtyard.

Hexi gracefully jumped off the carriage, waved her hand towards Nangong Yu, then turned around and hurriedly left.

Although the night air was cold, it was unable to disperse the warmth on her face. Her heart still pounding incessantly.

Nangong Yu lifted the curtain and watched as Hexi’s back travelled further away, a complicated light flashing in his eyes.

Outside the carriage, Qing Long’s brows wrinkled. As he stared in the direction Hexi left, a touch of anxiousness swept past his eyes.

In one month's time, wasn't that Master's once a year seclusion[1] period? Master, he...what does he think he's doing?

As a thought came to his mind, Qing Long's complexion become extremely unsightly, his eyes revealing a slight killing intent.

He would not let anybody off who endangered the safety of his Master.

[1]Closed Door Training. Also called Closed Door Meditation, or Closed Door Cultivation.

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