Chapter 84 - Yes, I’m A Pervert

Chapter 84 - Yes, I’m A Pervert

Hexi felt uncomfortable all over, her lips parted half way as they slightly trembled. Yet, she was unable to say a word for a long time.

The fire in Nangong Yu’s eyes became more passionate, causing his body to move forward, and grabbing her wrist, he pulled her even closer. As he leant his body over her's, he kissed those slightly parted red lips.

Wtf! What is this man doing?!

Hexi suddenly came to her senses and struggled to break free with all her might. However, Nangong Yu effortlessly pressed down on her nape, rendering her unable to escape.

A burst of strong wind erupted from Nangong Yu’s palm, causing the small table that was originally standing between them to now be pushed away.

There was now no longer any barrier between the two of them.

Invisible Needles appeared in Hexi's palm, and just when she was about to launch them, her hands were suddenly restrained behind her back, the Invisible Needles quietly falling to the floor.

Nangong Yu picked her up and placed her on his lap, then lowered his head and started kissing her again.

This time it wasn't a light kiss, like a dragonfly gently skimming the water. Instead, it was like a stormy sea, the heat and aggression slowly trying to engulf her.

Hexi felt as if she was melting, every cell in her body burning. Her mind was so muddled that she couldn't think clearly, and she didn't have the slightest ounce of power to strike back.

Then, after a good while, when Hexi was close to suffocating, only then did Nangong Yu release her. His usually clear and melodious voice now hoarse and low, full of passion, “It tastes really good, and very sweet.”

Hexi all of a sudden sobered and raised her hand to slap Nangong Yu, “You...pervert, bastard, asshole!!”

Hexi was so angry her whole body was trembling, never before had a man been so daring towards her like this!

This man, this man had unexpectedly dared to disrespect her, snatching away her first kiss!

He could just be damned to die a thousand times, ten thousand times!

However, Hexi was unaware that her voice wasn't cold and stern, like it usually was when she was disguised as a man. Instead, it was delicate and soft. If people heard it, it would sound like a spoiled child acting coquettishly.

Nangong Yu held back her hand that wanted to slap him, and confined her in his arms while laughing lightly, “Uhm, I am a pervert.”

Although he had never heard the word pervert before, it was very easy to understand it's meaning, wasn't it?

Finished speaking, the smiling expression in his eyes intensified, and bowing his head, he lightly pecked the side of the girl’s red and somewhat swollen lips, “However, I'm only doing this with you.”

For a moment, Hexi felt bewildered.

She was extremely angry, itching to slaughter this man. Yet, besides the anger consuming her, she could feel a warmth spreading from the bottom of her heart that she herself failed to understand.

Hexi had never experienced such feelings before in the nineteen years that she had lived. Furthermore, she had never been so flustered or weak.

“ shameless bastard! Let me go!” Hexi struggled firmly, wanting to push Nangong Yu away.

But in regards to her resistance, how could Nangong Yu care about it? Effortlessly confining her in his arms he lowered his head, then leaning close to her flushed earlobe, he whispered, “I am shameless, but recently you obviously liked that, isn’t that right?”

At first, he had only wanted to scare this emotionless little girl without a conscience. Yet when her soft lips had touched his, he suddenly felt heat rise within his body like a wave, causing him to lose all reason and become unable to suppress his desires.

He couldn't help but want to devour this girl, to mark her with his scent, making her completely his.

Nangong Yu had lived for twenty years and never experienced this kind of feeling before. Furthermore, he had never felt such an intense desire towards any girl in the past.

From this moment on, he completely regarded Hexi as belonging to him. He would never allow others to covet her, nor would he allow her to escape.

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