Chapter 83 - Indeed, The Taste Is Really Good

Chapter 83 - Indeed, The Taste Is Really Good

When Qing Long thought of that horror scene, his whole body felt unwell, so he drove the carriage with the fastest possible speed from Hell King’s other courtyard nearby to here. Only, unruly Master, if you don't want to shock the world, please, by all means, don’t cause an uproar known to everyone.

Nangong Yu showed a sarcastic smile as he glanced at the nervous Qing Long, releasing a chilling aura.

Hexi however coldly said, “No need, I can go back by myself. Then, we'll separate here.”

Finished speaking, she turned around to leave, not even managing two steps before she unexpectedly felt a strong force on her waist pull her body straight up into the air.

Hexi had no time to cry out in surprise before she was stuffed into the carriage, the door blocked by Nangong Yu.

The carriage swayed as it moved forward, and after travelling several paces, it suddenly sped up, the speed almost reaching that of a car from her previous life.

Hexi’s expression was ugly as she glared at Nangong Yu, “The mighty Hell King, how can you force a little girl?”

Nangong Yu leisurely smiled, “Which rules say this King can't force a little girl?”

After saying that, he leaned forward slightly, and slowly said, “Moreover, I only forced you.”

Hexi’s heart jumped and she turned her head to avoid his gaze. However, unaware of why, she was filled with an unidentifiable happiness.

The corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth raised, and taking out several refreshments, he arranged them on a small table, then softly said, “You were busy all of today and haven’t eaten yet, right?”

Hexi stared blankly, the sweetly rich fragrance of spiritual energy assaulting her nose.

Turning her head to look around, she discovered that the outward appearance of this carriage was nothing out of the ordinary, but that the interior decorations were extremely luxurious.

The furnishings inside the carriage were all refined using spirit tools, so they carried faint spiritual power fluctuations. The brocade fluttering on the floor was made using ten thousand year old ice silk, and the small unremarkable looking table was made using rare and very old dark sandalwood.

The white tea set that Nangong Yu had just arranged, although she was unable to properly tell the quality and materials used, it gave off a refreshing feeling as it hovered over the table. With one look, she was able to tell that it wasn't just an ordinary product.

Hexi clicked her tongue whilst examining everything and shook her head, “Indeed, this is like that poem, rotten food at a wealthy door, frozen bodies on the floor[1]!”

Just looking at the items here could make a person jealous, as any item in here was the same, its value far surpassing that of her small courtyard.

Nangong Yu had never heard this poem before, but right away, he understood the meaning of the poem, leisurely laughing, “What, you dislike this King now?”

“No, I just hate the rich!” Hexi smiled, before grabbing a pastry and shoving it into her mouth.

The sweet fragrance spread between her lips and tongue, and although it couldn't compare with her own cooking, ninety percent of the pastry's spiritual energy remained. This is can be considered as her having eaten this world’s best food.

Hexi’s eyes lit up as she exclaimed, “The taste is really good.”

Nangong Yu’s luminous eyes were glued to her mouth, her pearly white teeth hidden behind soft red lips, just like snow on a red plum flower. His heart that had been silent for many years suddenly began to throb, a burning desire within his body beginning to stir.

Suddenly extending his arm, he gently captured Hexi’s hand that was still holding half of the pastry, and pulling her towards him, he slightly lowered his head. The pastry that was still held in Hexi’s hand entered his mouth, along with one of her fingers which he gently nibbled.

Hexi’s whole body stiffened, as if it was struck by lightning, “You…!”

Nangong Yu swallowed the pastry, not completely understanding about what tasted good. However, he laughed devilishly, “Indeed, the taste is really good.”

[1]Poem about the deep disparity between the rich and the poor. While the rich wine and dine, the poor die of cold by the roadside.

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