Chapter 82 - Unworthy To Associate With

Chapter 82 - Unworthy To Associate With

The man’s deep voice sounded in her ear, “Little thing, am I a bother to you, for you to go so far as to leave without even informing me. How can you destroy the bridge after crossing the river[1]?”

Hexi clutched her aching nose, her watery eyes looking towards the man blocking her path, “Then if I inform you now, will that do?

Finished speaking, she waved her hand and without expression said, “Nangong Yu, goodbye.”

Nangong Yu, due to this heartless little guy, gave a mixed angry and happy laugh. Then, grabbing her white wrist that had just waved at him, he pulled her to his chest, and with a faint laugh in his voice said, “If you say goodbye just like that, then how can this King have any face.”

At this time, the two of them were standing very close together, Hexi nearly pressed up against Nangong Yu’s chest. They were also still in front of the Ouyang family’s gate, so the people passing by in West Street were all suddenly watching them as they walked past.

Those gazes contained astonishment, curiousness, puzzlement, but even more, contempt.

Two men unexpectedly embracing in the middle of the street, this was simply an injury to public morals, they have no sense of shame!

Hexi’s cheeks blushed, and despite not caring about other people's gazes, she was now somewhat ashamed, desperately struggling to break free from his arm.

The more she struggled, the tighter Nangong Yu embraced her, ultimately ending with one of his arms around her slender waist, firmly locking her to his chest.

“You...let go!” Hexi said in a fluster, “What do you want?”

Nangong Yu wasn't the slightest bit concerned about passing people’s gazes. Whilst their gazes became more vague, his actions became more intimate, just like she was swearing sovereignty to him.

“Tell me, why was your attitude so cold towards me all of sudden this morning?” Nangong Yu lowered his head, gently whispering in her ear, “If you tell me the truth, I'll let you go, hmm?”

Hexi clenched her teeth tightly as she recalled Zhu Que’s arrogant words towards her yesterday, and thinking of the sharp warning, she couldn’t help but sneer, “You're the high and mighty, Your Highness, Hell King, and I'm merely a concubine born daughter abandoned by the Nalan family. How could I be cold towards you? However, I do not dare to seek a friendship with somebody of a higher social standing, I'm just being respectful and polite, that’s all.”

Nangong Yu’s hands that were around her waist suddenly tightened, his cold eyes falling on her opening and closing red lips. He really wanted to seal closed this small mouth that spat out words that could make people angered to death.

He is the dignified Hell King, for the purpose of winning her over, he had accompanied her to Ouyang Manor, not even hesitating to use his own spiritual power to help her with the treatment. But unexpectedly, what she gave him in exchange was a sentence of ‘I do not dare to seek a friendship with somebody of a higher social standing’?

As Nangong Yu’s eyes became colder, Hexi couldn’t help but tremble.

She remembered that this man had helped her when she was pale and weak, and couldn’t help but feel somewhat guilty. But just when she went to say something to make up with him, the sudden sound of crisp bells was heard by her ears.

As she turned her head, she saw a luxurious carriage stop in front of them. Pulling the carriage was a fine snow white horse, its white hair shiny and smooth without a trace of impurities, its eyes clear and bright.

Sitting on the carriage was Nangong Yu’s trusted subordinate, Qing Long. At this moment he was slightly panting, his face looking eager, “Master, Young Master Xi, please get on the carriage to continue chatting.”

His gaze nervously swept all around, his heart extremely glad that his Master usually kept a low profile. So although he was famous and outstanding to the general public, only a few people were able to recognise his appearance.

Otherwise, the rumour of ‘Hell King is a homosexual, Hell King and a man were intimately embracing each other’ will spread, causing an uproar. At that time, not just Master’s reputation would suffer damage, all the young ladies throughout Jin Ling infatuated with Master would be driven mad!

[1]To abandon one's benefactor upon achieving one's goal

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