Chapter 80 - Compensated Kindness

Chapter 80 - Compensated Kindness

Hexi heaved a long sigh of relief, and began to pull the Silver Needles out of Ouyang Haoxuan's body one by one. Only after the last Silver Needle was replaced into her space, did she then remove the rag in his mouth.

“How are you feeling now?”

Ouyang Haoxuan gasped heavily, lingering traces of fear remaining on his face from the severe pain, but even so, his eyes were shining brilliantly. No longer were filled with the despair and lifelessness from a few hours ago, “Pain...I can feel pain all over my body, my hands and feet, meridians, even dantian...all feel a sharp biting pain. But, but I can sense spiritual power, the spiritual power is surging into my dantian, hahaha...I can sense my spiritual power moving again!”

Madam Ouyang exclaimed in surprise and rushed to Ouyang Haoxuan's side, crying, “Xuan Er, is what you say true? Genius Doctor Xi, Xuan Er has been cured?”

Hexi replied indifferently, “How could it be so easy? The accumulation of poison in his body is very large, it can't be entirely removed in an hour or two. The meridians in his body are also only tentatively repaired. At most, he can only sit, he will also still be unable to walk, and even more, he will still be unable to cultivate.”

Pausing here, under the husband and wife's hopeful gaze, she continued, “In the future, I will need to come here every three days to administer acupuncture on Young Master Ouyang to continue removing the poison, and repairing his meridians. The most dangerous treatment time has passed, there will be no more difficulties when removing the remaining poison. Only that, during treatment, General Ouyang may need to transfuse spiritual power to Young Master Ouyang’s body to ensure that after the poison is expelled, his dantian won't be exhausted.”

“No problem! No problem!” Ouyang Zhixiong repeatedly said, “As long as you can cure my son, I'm even willing to deplete my cultivation base.”

Laying on the bed, Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes reddened. His hand that was being held by Madam Ouyang turned over to hold her hand back.

For more than a year he had lived life like a dead person, but it had been even more painful for his parents who loved him and were concerned for him. He decided that in the future he must not become dispirited again, it would only make his parents sorrowful while pleasing his enemies.

Hexi took out several medicine pills to help purge the poison and restore energy, giving them to Madam Ouyang, “Have him take one everyday before he sleeps, it can suppress the poison in his body while helping to nourish his withered meridians.”

With difficulty, Ouyang Haoxuan stretched out his hands, his eyes filled with glistening teardrops.

Supporting himself by holding onto Madam Ouyang, he sat up and looked gratefully at Hexi, “Young Master Xi’s kindness has given me a new lease on life, I, Ouyang Haoxuan, will remember this as long as I live. In the future, if Young Master has any request, I, Ouyang Haoxuan, will tread water and walk through fire, unafraid of any difficulty, as long as I can accomplish it.”

At this time, Ouyang Haoxuan’s cheekbones were deep set and covered by a long beard, and with his face so haggard, his appearance was anything but handsome. However, those eyes he used to gaze at Hexi with were shining, causing Nangong Yu to narrow his own in displeasure.

Yet Hexi didn't care in the slightest, only coldly saying, “You all don't need to thank me, because for me to expend a great deal of effort to save people is only natural if I have a request. I heard your Ouyang family have Yuan Yang Fruit?”

All of a sudden, Ouyang Zhixiong came to a realisation as he recalled what Hell King had said before, about him having something the Genius Doctor was seeking. Quickly, he ordered people to take out his collection of Yuan Yang Fruit.

Yuan Yang Fruit was precious and rare, it possessed a powerful effect of assisting people in advancing a rank. But when it was compared to the safety and life of his son, he regarded it as nothing.

Without hesitation, Ouyang Zhixiong handed an exquisitely carved jade box over to Hexi.

Hexi opened the jade box and suddenly felt a blazing flame directly hit her face, causing her complexion to instantly change.

But the next moment, an invisible barrier was set in front of her and a slender hand reached out to gently close the jade box. Then, a gloomy voice sounded in her ears, “Xi Yue, be careful. When using Yuan Yang Fruit, you must first be wrapped with spiritual power, otherwise, you will easily burn yourself.”

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