Chapter 8 The Resplendent Purple Eyes

Chapter 8 – The Resplendent Purple Eyes

At the same time in Gluttonous House’s private room, a tall man languidly laid on a couch.

His gaze rested on the screen not far in front of him, his expression was elegant, while his eyes were filled with a proud indifference.

The screen displayed a clear scene of everything that was happening with the auction.

There was a thin and weak little girl shut in a cage by several large men. Thick iron chains firmly bound her hands and feet.

The man held a wine cup in his hand a moment, before suddenly swallowing the wine in one gulp, lightly sighing, “What a pity, such an interesting little thing, to have the fate of being defiled by a pig.”

The guard that was standing silently in the corner of the room couldn’t help but quietly glance at him, ‘This is the first time that Master has shown an interest in a woman, but it’s only a very small interest, nothing more.’

As the guard was thinking this the man’s expression suddenly changed, rising slightly to get up, his gaze was fixed on the screen.

It clearly displayed the imprisoned little girl’s face; pale skin, thin face, young and inexperienced facial features.

In a split second, that pair of tightly closed eyes opened, her eyelashes shook slightly, and a coldness seemed to radiate outwards.

The man’s sword-like eyebrows knitted, his gaze fixed on the little girl’s eyes.

Black eyes with the depth of an ancient well, as if they carried long hidden secrets. They shined with a faint purple radiance, so bright and dazzling, that in an instant they had captured his attention, making his chest feel an unfamiliar throbbing.

“Little thing, who are you exactly? How can there be…..”

He spoke softly, looking at the little girl on the screen with an unbridled interest. Like a beast that had suddenly found the prey that it had been searching for, the anticipation of a future victory made his eyes shine with excitement.

Immediately, the man’s eyes swept over Zhu Zhongba and the guards’ that carried the cage. The corner of his mouth curled up into a disgusted sneer.

Continuing to face the screen he faintly murmured, “Follow them.”

To anyone watching, it would seem as if the man staring intently at the screen was the only person in the room. Shockingly though a deep voice responded, originating from the guard hiding his presence in the corner of the room, “Yes, Your Highness.”

Pausing, the voice suddenly asked, “If Zhu Zhongba uses violence….did this subordinate need to dispose of him?”

“Ah…….” The man chuckled, his voice full of magnetism, extremely pleasant to listen to yet full of contempt, “Based on such a useless person like him, even he would know that it would amount to heading down a disaster filled path.”

“This subordinate understands.”

As the room quickly returned to it’s previous quietness, the man slowly got up, the corner of his mouth revealing a captivating smile.


When Hexi woke up again, she was in a bumpy carriage.

She was still imprisoned inside the cage. Her entire body, hands, and feet, were tied together with finger width iron chains.

Because of the placement of the cage her visibility was limited, but she could still smell a strong odour nearby.

Hexi bit into her lower lip to make her muddled consciousness more clear-headed.

The effect of the Slave Restriction Spell was quite strong. The whole journey her consciousness wavered between sober and dazed, causing her mind to repeatedly wander, until the time she was able to completely sober up.

Suddenly the guards’ conversation reached her ears, “In the end who is that slave? Why didn’t her body show any signs of using spiritual power, but was still able to seal our cultivation base?”

“Who cares who she is! As long as Young Master has the Slave Ownership Card in his hands, just wait until we arrive at Zhu manor. Someone will be found to carve a Slave Soul Seal on her, and at that time the Young Master can use her however he wants to and it wouldn’t matter!”

“Humph! This loathsome lady is merely an ordinary person, but she dared to make us lose face in such a public place. I'm itching to pull her skin now.”

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