Chapter 76 - Poisoned

Chapter 76 - Poisoned

Saying that, she then headed to the door to leave without hesitation.

Nangong Yu saw her eyes shine with a self confident light, while his eyes reflected an expression of happiness.

His woman should have this kind of spirit and imposing attitude. When asking for a favour, it wouldn't make her look humble, rather, it would make people obediently deliver things into her hands.

Seeing Hexi about to leave, Ouyang Zhixiong became anxious and glanced at the motionless Hell King. His heart immediately throbbed harshly, and clenching his teeth said, “You’ve heard Genius Doctor Xi’s command, quickly open the windows!”

“My Lord---!!” Madam Ouyang shouted.

Ouyang Haoxuan closed his eyes as he lay on the bed. Tightly clenching his teeth with a grim face, he braced himself for the pain to come.

Slowly, a gentle breeze blew into the room accompanied by the warm sunshine, both filled with rich spiritual energy.

For a moment, the intense smell of medicine and mould in the room were dispersed by the wind. And with the brightness replacing the darkness, it caused the entire room to no longer be covered in a deep haze, one resembling the underworld.

Ouyang Haoxuan hesitated before he slowly opened his eyes. The first thing to enter his sight was the glaringly bright yet warm sunshine.

In addition, under the the glow of the sun, the youth’s exquisite and matchless appearance was visible.

Hexi’s face was without a smile, without a trace of gentleness or softness, there was only icy arrogance and self confidence. However, Ouyang Haoxuan’s heart that was originally desperate and still, now, for no reason, surged with excitement.

“Xuan Er, how are you feeling? Do you feel pain anywhere?” Madam Ouyang nervously asked as she rushed to the front of the bed.

Ouyang Haoxuan finally reacted. It didn't hurt...he didn't feel any pain.

His body was neither spasming or breaking out in dark spots. Furthermore, his internal organs weren't shifting and breaking down from the pain.

His astonished gaze fell on Hexi, his mouth opening and closing several times before finally, in a hoarse voice, he said, “'re really able to cure me?”

Hexi crossed her arms in front of her chest, and faintly said, “Cure what? Cure your fractured meridians? Wasn't General Ouyang already convinced that I have such an ability, only then inviting me to come?”

“Yes! Yes!” Ouyang Zhixiong finally responded. His son being able to stand the wind and sun without reacting in pain had caused him to feel like crying tears of joy, his eyes collecting glistening teardrops in their corners, “Genius Doctor Xi, please use your miraculous hands of a healer, please save my son!”

Madam Ouyang also finally managed to react, she no longer doubted Hexi’s medical skills. Immediately kneeling on the ground, she cried while beseeching Hexi to save her son.

Hexi’s expression was without doubt or fear as she signalled for Madam Ouyang to rise, “I'll certainty be able to help treat his fractured meridians. However, Young Master Ouyang’s illness is so severe not because of the muscle and tendon fracture, rather, he was poisoned.”

“Poisoned?!!” Ouyang Zhixiong exclaimed, then asked in disbelief, “This...this is impossible! Previously, we had invited countless doctors to diagnose and treat Haoxuan, but not one of them gave even the slightest indication from their examination of Haoxuan that he was poisoned! Is it that in these past few days, someone broke into my Ouyang Manor and gave poison to my son?!”

In this world, poisons able to cause harm to martial artists were rare, not just because of the expensive price, but because they were really hard to find. In the end, who was it that was so sinister, being able to see Haoxuan already fallen to such a degree, yet unexpectedly unwilling to let him off.

Thinking until here, Ouyang Zhixiong glared in anger, his body emitting a strong power pressure.

But Hexi was only an ordinary person, and Ouyang Zhixiong's cultivation base far exceeded her own. Now that this power pressure was completely utilised, although not aimed at her, it was still enough to make her face pale.

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