Chapter 72 - Ouyang Manor

Chapter 72 - Ouyang Manor

Hexi was stunned after hearing that, and after quite a while, she finally murmured, “You taking me to Ouyang Manor, is it because you want me to cure Ouyang Haoxuan’s illness?”

“What? You don't have any confidence you'll be able to do it?” Nangong Yu smiled sarcastically, “If you don’t have the ability to cure Ouyang Haoxuan’s illness, we better return home now, before it’s too late. Afterwards I'll…” Just find another Yuan Yang Fruit for you.

Nangong Yu’s implications were barely spoken, yet Hexi had already raised her eyebrows, her elegant face filled with confidence as she proudly asked, “Who said I didn't have any confidence? I can’t cure a mere meridian fracture?”

As the girl disguised as a youth said these haughty words, her beautiful phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, bursting with a silvery purple light.

Those dazzling eyes were like a whirlpool, firmly attracting Nangong Yu’s attention.

Curiously extending his hand, he gently held Hexi’s wrist as he softly asked, “Yesterday, I sent my people to give you medicine, have you used it?”

Finished asking, he lifted Hexi’s sleeve to see her arm.

Who knew that he had asked the wrong question, as once he asked it, Hexi recalled the unpleasant experience from last night. Her expression cold, she quickly withdrew her hand.

“Don’t trouble yourself. Just a small insignificant injury means nothing to me.”

That’s right, whether it's the Hexi of her previous life, or the Nalan Hexi from this present life, she has long since become accustomed to these types of physical injuries, so they meant nothing. She has always managed everything on her own, so she doesn’t need concern from other people now.

Nangong Yu’s eyes darkened, wanting to argue with her, but seeing her stubborn face he sighed, secretly transmitting his voice into her mind instead, “Remember, don’t reveal your identity as Nalan Hexi. Nowadays, Ouyang family and Nalan family hate each other to the bone. If they knew of your identity, it’s unknown whether we would be able to get the Yuan Yang Fruit or not.”

Hexi frowned, and just when she was about to ask what grudges the two families held, Nangong Yu softly interrupted, “We've arrived.”


Ouyang Manor.

At this moment, in Ouyang Haoxuan’s room, the door and windows were tightly closed, the entire room circulating a strong medicinal smell. The air was stale, making people feel nauseous.

The inside of the room was filled with specks of candle light, also several priceless night pearls. But due to the lack of sunshine, the room was still pitch black, carrying an oppressive feeling that made a person feel suffocated.

Currently, Madam Ouyang sat on the short couch beside the bed, her hair messy, eyes red and swollen, with medicine stains not yet wiped up on her clothes.

She watched her son on the bed who had been tortured like a puppet, begging while crying grievously, “Haoxuan, Mother begs you to obediently take your medicine, all right? If you don't take these medicines, your five viscera and six bowels will soon become exhausted and you'll die.”

On the bed, Ouyang Haoxuan’s face was dejected, his beard had grown long and unkempt, making him look ragged, while his eyes were sunken in. His entire person was brimming with a depressed aura of one nearing death.

He laughed loudly when he heard what was said, his hoarse voice carrying despair, “Mother, I also beg you, just let me die? Living without dignity like this, without the strength to even commit suicide, then what’s the point of being alive? It's better to kill me, let me die a clean death!”

Heard that, Madam Ouyang's crying became even more grievous, and throwing herself on the edge of the bed, she grabbed her son’s hand, murmuring, “Xuan Er, your Father has already gone to seek help from the Doctors Association, searching all lands under the heavens for good medicine. In this world, there will inevitably be a person who will be able to cure you, you can't give up now.”

“Mother, you mustn't deceive me and yourself again!” Ouyang Haoxuan’s throat issued a gurgling noise, like a dying old woman’s low cough, “Even Nalan Zhengze has come and seen me but couldn't cure me, I absolutely can't be this lifetime, I've been destined to an early end. Mother, just let me die, okay?”

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