Chapter 71 - Fifth Rank Yuan Yang Fruit

Chapter 71 - Fifth Rank Yuan Yang Fruit

Once the words had left her mouth, she despised herself for acting so servile to curry favour. She didn't do anything wrong, why should she have to lower herself to acknowledge her supposed mistake!

Nangong Yu’s expression lightened slightly as he released a faint laugh, “In the future, if you repeat your mistake, this King will certainly not forgive you easily.”

Hexi was scared by those luminous eyes, they seemed to have yet another deep meaning in their gaze as they watched her. Without waiting for her to retort, she heard Nangong Yu continue speaking.

“Let’s go, there’s some distance from here to our destination, we’re talking while walking.”

Nangong Yu’s cultivation base had already reached the stage where he was able to fly, however, Hexi was just an ordinary person. Furthermore, there’s a rule in Yan Jing city that forbids martial artists from large scale fights, as well as an order banning them from disturbing people by flying in the air.

Therefore, the two of them walked side by side as they leisurely exited the tea house into the street.

Nangong Yu looked tall and handsome, graceful and outstanding, while Hexi looked elegant and refined, a pure and bright youth. The two of them walking together naturally became a grand view, able to attract the attention of all living things.

Passers-by who were coming and going occasionally turned their heads as they walked by them, their stunned gazes firmly attached to the pair. It even was to the point where they would walk right into a wall, completely unaware of their surroundings.

“If you want to remove the seal on your muddled dantian, you need a Yang object. In this world, a Yang object is very difficult to find, but fortunately, the power of your seal has gradually weakened. Now you only need to find a fiery Yang object at its peak, that will do. The effect of a fifth rank Yuan Yang Fruit[1] is more than enough.”

“Yuan Yang Fruit?”

Even though Hexi knew almost nothing about this world, she did know about fifth rank spiritual plants. Their value was so high, that no matter how much yuan she has, she would still be unable to obtain one.

Nangong Yu saw her anxious face, and looked left and right before he continued speaking to her, “Do you know the Ouyang family?”

Hexi’s expression stiffened, and shaking her head, she whispered, “I didn't even know you were the famous Hell King, how can I know who the Ouyang family is.”

Nangong Yu leaned his head closer as he looked at her, saying meaningfully, “In the country of Jin Ling, the Ouyang family, Nalan family, and Murong family, are the three great influential families. The Master of the Ouyang family, Ouyang Zhixiong, controls hundreds of thousands of troops and horses, and was bestowed the title of the mighty General. It could be said that no one in Yan Jing city doesn’t know who he is.”

Hexi grew flustered under his gaze, and quickly said, “What does all this have to do with me?”

Nangong Yu slightly laughed, “Although fifth rank spiritual plants aren't regarded as high level, but because of the Yuan Yang Fruit's particular attribute, they are very rare. It just so happens that Ouyang Zhixiong has two Yuan Yang Fruit in his hands.”

Hexi’s eyes suddenly brightened, then immediately after, she frowned, “Since Yuan Yang Fruit is so precious, and Ouyang Zhixiong a famous general, how could it be possible for him to easily sell Yuan Yang Fruit to me?”

Not to mention, she couldn't afford to buy such a precious thing!

“Of course he won't sell it.” Nangong Yu shook his head, “However, Ouyang Zhixiong only has one son, Ouyang Haoxuan. He was considered a genius amongst his peers, as at only twenty six years old, his cultivation base had already reached Gold Core stage. Unfortunately, a year ago, when he was cultivating in Magical Beast forest, he was attacked, and not only was his cultivation base completely crippled, even the muscles and tendons throughout his body were severed. Ouyang Zhixiong had invited doctors from throughout Jin Ling, even seeking help from the Doctors Association, but he still couldn't find anyone capable of treating Ouyang Haoxuan’s illness.”

“Ouyang Haoxuan is the only direct bloodline descendant of the Ouyang family, so if he dies, Ouyang Zhixiong's position as the family’s Master will likely fall to a distant relative. Therefore, Ouyang Haoxuan’s illness isn't limited to his own life and death, it also affects the fate of the whole Ouyang family. You tell me, which would be more important, two insignificant Yuan Yang Fruit, or the fate of the Ouyang family?”

[1]Yuan Yang– Yuan can mean first, origin, while Yang can mean sun, male.

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