Chapter 70 - You're Not Allowed To Call Me Your Highness, Hell King

Chapter 70 - You're Not Allowed To Call Me Your Highness, Hell King

After this youth called Wu Qi had recovered from his injury, Hexi had examined him but was completely unable to detect his cultivation base. She could only say that his strength was definitely stronger than her own, moreover, it wasn't just stronger by a little.

Xiao Li felt Hexi’s gentle caress and a surge of emotion rose within her heart, so she turned around to hug Hexi, crying, “Xiao Li doesn't want brother to die, wuwuwu…

Hexi helplessly said, “Alright, alright, I'll promise you, as long as your brother returns, if he's sustained any heavy injuries, I will cure him. If it's like this you feel more assured, right?”

Xiao Li cried again, wiped her nose and tears on Hexi, then under Hexi’s comfort, ceased her crying.

Hexi told her to go to the courtyard to find Wet Nurse Chen, then hurriedly headed towards Wan Feng tea house.

She was just about to use her Qing Gong to quickly depart, when suddenly, from behind Hexi, she heard Xiao Li’s childish voice, hoarse from crying too long, “I knew Big Sister was a good person, Xiao Li likes Big Sister the most!”

Hexi's foot stumbled, causing her to nearly fall to the ground.

To be able to communicate with animals and so on, it’s good to use it against an enemy, but to use it on her, that’s too troublesome! She wouldn't have any privacy!


Hexi arrived at Wan Feng tea house in a hurry, where Nangong Yu was already waiting.

Seeing the picturesque appearance of a youth dressed in white clothes and a fur coat slowly walk over, Nangong Yu’s originally indifferent eyes suddenly shone bright. Even the corner of his mouth lifted into a slight smile.

Qing Long, who stood on the side, had followed Nangong Yu for many years, he could clearly sense that his Master’s mood was very good today.

As he snuck a peek at the jade crest that bound the youth's hair, Qing Long felt his mouth twitch, breaking his cold and indifferent expression.

Master’s attitude towards this boy was very good, he had been waiting impatiently in the tea house since early in the morning, and before going out, he had even changed his clothes several times. This is no way resembled the behaviour of one going out to meet an ordinary youth lacking cultivation, this was just like he was going out to meet his beloved person.

When Hexi saw Nangong Yu, she felt herself become absent-minded in an instant.

That man, amongst the youths, possessed a handsome face that could turn all people upside down. At this moment, he was dressed in a dark purple brocade robe embroidered with a line of silver. Attached to his waist he wore a ring of tassels, and a jade crown sat upon his head, containing his fine black hair, exposing his exquisite facial features and the smiling expression in his eyes.

The faint morning light shone down on him, and the man’s eyes looked straight at her. The light in his eyes was luminous, as if they reflected the world and all living things, however, as it happened, it was only to her that he showed this expression.

Hexi’s heart slammed against her chest, almost completely absorbed in that focused gaze.

But the next moment, she recalled Zhu Que’s warning. Remembering that she felt that it was beneath her dignity last night, she felt a slight throb in her heart, very quickly replacing her expression with a cold stare.

A trusted servant’s attitude was sometimes a reflection of their Master’s mind.

This man before her eyes was the outstanding and famous King of Hell, the talented genius who formed a Gold Core at just fifteen years old. How could he care about her, the kind of trash that didn't know whether she would be able to cultivate or not.

Hexi retained the expression on her face, and taking several steps forward said, “Your Highness, Hell King, I've arrived. May I ask now how I can remove the seal on my dantian?”

Nangong Yu’s face suddenly sank, the smiling expression in his eyes disappearing as his body released a sharp burst of power pressure, “I've already said that you’re not allowed to call me Your Highness, Hell King, again.”

Hexi jolted from the invisible power pressure, her face paling. No matter how hard she thought about it, she still couldn't figure it out. How could he become so displeased just because of an address?

However, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him, so she immediately corrected herself, “Nangong Yu...a...a moment ago, I was wrong.”

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