Chapter 69 - To Devote One’s Life

Chapter 69 - To Devote One’s Life

Saying that, Wu Qi took out two dark green transparent tablets with faint streaks of dark red jade, handing them over to Hexi, “These are my and Xiao Li’s Life Jade Tablets, they're refined from our blood. If the jade tablets are broken, we will be overcome with great sorrow, then finally die.”

Hexi took the jade tablets, her fingers lightly touching the warm surface. After her divine senses had slightly examined them, she believed the youth’s words.

These jade tablets stored extraordinary spiritual power inside, and she could faintly sense auras similar to the two children.

However, Hexi’s heart still had doubts, “Why did you find me? With Xiao Li’s extraordinary ability, this world would have plenty of people willing to offer shelter to you. I don't have any defensive abilities, so why should you find me?”

“In this world, many greedy people want to take advantage of us, even stripping us to the bone to obtain our benefits.”

Wu Qi revealed a ridiculing bitter smile on his face, immediately after he raised his head and looked towards Hexi, his gaze shining, “Xiao Li said Young Master is a good person, I would like to believe in Xiao Li’s judgement.”

Hexi fiddled with the jade tablets in her hand while sneering, “Oh, a good person? This is the first time I've heard someone evaluate me that way, is it because I saved you?”

Xiao Li, who had still been hiding behind Wu Qi, timidly peeked her head out, her voice like a mosquito's, “You are a good person, the animals in the ground and little birds have told Xiao Li. Moreover, Brother has said, for the kindness of saving a life, one must devote one's life. Therefore, Xiao Li and Brother want to follow you.”

When Wu Qi heard that, his face turned red, embarrassedly saying, “Xiao Li, don’t speak randomly, to devote one's life isn't used like that.”

Xiao Li blinked in confusion, her glass-like coloured eyes fixedly staring at her Brother, before switching to look at Hexi.

Hexi put the jade tablets away, lightly laughing, “Since it's like this, then you two can stay. However, I'll tell you now, if you follow at my side, you need to be completely loyal and keep anything you hear to yourselves. For every day that I'm alive, I'll certainly protect you. But if you dare to betray and scheme against me, humph, I dare to guarantee that you would suffer to where it would feel like having your heart pierced by thousands of arrows.”

Hexi’s words made Xiao Li jump with shock, so she hid behind Wu Qi’s back again in fear.

However, Wu Qi sighed in relief. This kind of fondness and hate was clearly a promise and a warning that made him feel relieved; relief at handing over the Life Jade Tablets, relief at vowing their loyalty and devotion, and relief at entrusting his sister.

Wu Qi dragged Xiao Li to Hexi’s side, gently stroking her head. His eyes exposed his sadness and a strong reluctance to part, his voice heavy, “Good Xiao Li, you must listen to Young Master’s words, do you know that? Brother will soon come back to find you.”

“Brother---!” Xiao Li pulled at Wu Qi’s sleeve, tears streaming down her face, her eyes filled with unwillingness.

She knew her Brother had to leave her to do something dangerous, but she didn't know if her Brother would able to return safely, so she was extremely reluctant and sad! However, she knew that the thing her Brother wanted to do, he would certainly accomplish it. She shouldn't be crying, otherwise it would make her Brother sad too.

Xiao Li tightly clutched Wu Qi’s sleeve while crying, “Brother, Xiao Li will be obedient. I'll wait for Brother to return, so Brother, you must come back soon!”

When Wu Qi finally walked away, Xiao Li wiped her tears, but new tears fell straight away.

Hexi, who was standing on the side, looked at the sky. The agreed time for meeting with Nangong Yu was approaching, so she finally sighed and walked forward to place a hand on Xiao Li's small head, “Why do you have to cry? It’s not like you two will be separated forever, your brother is very powerful, he will certainly come back.”

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