Chapter 68 - The Brother And Sister Pair

Chapter 68 - The Brother And Sister Pair

With a glance, Hexi was able to recognise the two people as being the brother and sister pair that she had saved in front of Ji Sheng Hall yesterday. But compared to their miserable appearances of yesterday, with their hair neatly combed, revealing two washed clean faces, they now looked more neat and tidy.

Although the youth’s stature was thin, his eyebrows were like swords over starry eyes, while the little girl's face was carved with powder, and combined with the jade coloured outfit she was wearing, it looked absolutely adorable. Together, they stood up when they saw Hexi approaching, two pairs of bright eyes looking at her earnestly.

The youth stepped forward, bowing gratefully, “Many thanks to Young Master’s kindness for saving me yesterday. My name is Wu Qi, this is my sister, Xiao Li.”

Today, the little girl’s face looked innocently refreshed, not a trace of yesterday's sadness left. She bashfully hid behind the youth and timidly said, “Thank you for saving my Brother yesterday.”

However, Hexi immediately frowned while cautiously eyeing them, “How did you find me here?”

She was able to cast off those people from Ji Sheng Hall and Sheng De Hall when they were following her, even discovering Qing Long’s tracking of her. So how could she be found in front of her door by these two children?

The youth, Wu Qi, sensed her cautiousness, quickly pulling the little girl out from hiding behind his back, explaining, “Young Master, please don’t be suspicious, we don't have any evil intentions and we didn't really follow you. Due to my sister Xiao Li’s innate gift, she’s able to communicate with animals and she...she asked the insects and birds that were hiding in every corner of the city. With that, we were able to found you here.”

Hexi was shocked. She hadn't expected that there was a person who was able to communicate with animals in this world.

Her gaze fell on the brother and sister, seeing the little girl named Xiao Li's blushing face. With her somewhat afraid look, it couldn’t conceal the gratefulness and fondness in her eyes as she stared at Hexi.

Hexi understood the thoughts of an innocent person more than anyone, that treasuring a jade ring would become a crime, getting a person into trouble on account of a cherished item. A person's talent will arouse the envy of others. This youth, without even the slightest hesitation, had just revealed their secret. Was it just to eliminate her suspicions towards them?

As if understanding the direction of Hexi’s thoughts, Wu Qi quickly said, “I hope Young Master can take Xiao Li under you care, to ensure that her life is safe and sound.”

Xiao Li’s ability was certainly very powerful. She was able to communicate with fish, birds, beasts, and all animals in the ground. For assassins, using the information to spy and investigate, it was simply a perfect weapon.

However, a pie doesn't just fall from the sky. Hexi didn't believe that she would gain a huge benefit just like that, without the need to take responsibility.

Remaining calm and collected, she asked, “You can see that I'm merely an insignificant ordinary person without a cultivation base. Considering that my martial power isn't equal to yours, how can you think that I would be able to protect your sister? Besides, why should I help you two?”

She'd saved this youth just because she had recalled the suffering in her past. While the most important reason was that she had wanted to understand medical treatments and the level of medical skills in this world, not out of any sort of compassion. Hexi didn’t need other people’s gratitude.

Wu Qi startled, staring blankly when he heard what was said. However, not the slightest trace of disappointment or anger appeared on his face, instead, he suddenly knelt on the ground, “Young Master, I, Wu Qi, is willing to vow with my own blood. I will settle all accounts with my family's enemy, then, when I come back, I will recognise you as my Master and serve you. From now on, Xiao Li and I will only obey Young Master’s orders.”

Hexi raised her eyebrows, “You want to become my slaves?”

“No!” Wu Qi quickly shook his head, “We want to be Young Master’s servants, not slaves.”

In Mi Luo continent, a slave can't have independent thoughts, they're also unable to cultivate to advance their levels, it can be said that their existence is the lowest of the low. As for a servant, although nearly the same, they have a Master and servant relationship. They are perfectly happy and most willing to serve their Master, just like Qing Long and Nangong Yu.

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