Chapter 64 - Zhu Que

Chapter 64 - Zhu Que

The woman’s words were not yet finished, when suddenly, her expression changed, her eyes revealing her shock.

Unaware of when, she had already lost sight of the little girl’s figure in the wooden tub before her. Yet, just as she was about to search the spacious room, she sensed a power pressure that made her shudder.

However, her shock only lasted a moment, and quickly calming down, a laugh filled with contempt left her mouth.

She's a Gold Core stage martial artist, a great fifth ranked doctor. For an insignificant ordinary person to try to harm her, they must be dreaming!

Then just as the spiritual power in her body started to circulate, cold to the bone icy Invisible Needles fiercely shot towards her.

The woman’s face showed the hint of a sneer, and suddenly, her spiritual power burst out. In a flash, those Invisible Needles melted and disappeared.

The next moment, she once again released the pressure of her spiritual power, and following that, a groan was heard from a corner of the room.

Hexi's figure was slowly revealed, wearing a white nightdress with a pale complexion, a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

That woman saw Hexi’s sorry figure and miserable countenance, and the smile on her face increased, “An insignificant person like you wanted to injured me, you're simply overestimating your capabilities!”

At this time, Hexi’s meridians were extremely painful, even more, her chest felt like it was burning. However, her eyes exposed a cold smile in their depth instead, “Oh, is that how it is? Just because you say I'm unable to injure you, then I'm unable to injure you?”

Hexi had barely finished speaking, when the woman’s mien suddenly changed. Reaching up, she touched her left cheek, feeling a dampness spread at the touch of her fingertips. She could feel a scorching pain on the skin of her face.

“You've dared to injure my face!'re asking for death!!” The woman's heart was shocked and angry, her face showing a frantic expression. Rapidly gathering the spiritual power in her palm, she ruthlessly aimed a strike towards Hexi.

Hexi’s internal energy also rapidly gathered, and although the strength of woman before her eyes was much greater than her own, it didn't mean she would be easily captured. Even though she was injured, she must make the other party pay the same price.

Then, in a moment just before the woman attacked, her gaze discovered something on Hexi’s body. Suddenly, her expression changed.

The spiritual power that was already released abruptly returned, but due to the backlash of pressure, the woman staggered back several steps. Leaning against the wall and standing with difficulty, her face was filled with disbelief.

Hexi was also somewhat perplexed by this event, confused as to why the woman had suddenly retreated, her manner like one who had seen a ghost.

The woman dressed in red shakily stood, blankly taking several deep breaths, before asking in a trembling voice, “How can Master leave his imprint on a person like you?”

Hexi felt the woman’s gaze focus on the top of her head, and her heart started pounding. Quickly, she removed the jade hairpin from her hair, her eyes flashing coldly, “So, it was Nangong Yu that sent you here?”

The woman’s face was filled with bewilderment, her eyes looked at Hexi with ruthlessness and jealousy. However, she had no choice but to restrain the killing intention within her heart.

She was called Zhu Que, one of Hell King’s personal bodyguards. She was responsible for looking after Hell King’s health, while refining pills and medicines.

Today, her Master had gone out and returned home very late. Without even waiting for her to pay her respects to him as her Master, Qing Long had said that Master ordered for her to come to this desolate countryside by herself to treat this girl’s scars. Even ordering her to take along the precious Jade Muscle Pill.

With a sullen and resentful heart, Zhu Que had arrived at this remote courtyard. However, who would have thought that what she saw was this little girl with a common appearance and trash without the slightest trace of spiritual power.

No matter what she thought, she, Zhu Que, just couldn't understand. Master had never placed any woman in his sights before, so how come he had ordered her to travel from a distant place, to rush over to this remote area, only to treat this little girl’s scars?

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