Chapter 62 - Forefinger Movement

Chapter 62 - Forefinger Movement

The golden light on Dan Dan's body bounced as he cheerfully said, “Tasty, tasty, but I'm not full at all! Mother, Dan Dan still wants more!”

Hexi unhappily responded, “You want to eat until you're full? You, this big stomach king, how can I not go bankrupt? Not to mention, what about me? I'm so hungry that my chest is sticking to my back! You go aside to play!”

Finished speaking, Hexi no longer paid attention to Dan Dan’s protests. In the palace hall she set up a simple kitchen table, taking out all the food ingredients and medicinal herbs that she bought on the streets from the storage ring.

From Dan Dan’s explanation, Hexi knew that Xumi Palace’s rooms possessed unlimited storage space and hidden spiritual benefits. As long as the food ingredients are stored in Xumi Palace, they absolutely wouldn't leak any spiritual energy, and the food ingredients would be able to stay fresh forever.

Dan Dan curiously watched the busy Hexi, from time to time asking all sorts of questions.

“Mother, mother, can Dan Dan eat these herbs? They are so fragrant, Dan Dan feels hungry~”

“Mother, what is a kitchen table? Can it be eaten?”

“Mother is very awesome! Why can the spiritual plants turn into strange things in mother's hands?”

Hexi felt a headache start because of this little guy’s noise, yet she was unable to find a way to stop it.

At this time, what she was doing was not mixing medicines, rather, she was using a mix of this world’s spiritual and ordinary plants to make seasonings.

In her previous life, Hexi had had a powerful innate talent. As long as she understood the nature of a plant, she could calculate all the best uses for it in her mind, producing all types of medicines with different effects and smells.

All the plants' characteristics, phases, and complementary effects were stored in her mind, so if she wanted to use a certain plant, she would easily be able to know all about it.

Hexi’s speed was very fast, in about the time it took to burn an incense stick, all kinds of bottles and jars were spread out in front of her. These bottles and jars gave off the slight smells of vinegar, sugar, and pepper, so in short, in her hands, spiritual plants were capable of matching real seasonings.

A thread of golden spiritual energy drifted onto one of the “pepper” bottles, secretly stretching to reach inside a little, then stretching again, this time a little more.

“Achoo---! Achoo--!!” Dan Dan continuously sneezed, its voice full of grievance and bewilderment, crying, “Mother, what is this?! It’s so hard to eat, Dan Dan don’t like it!”

Hexi laughed, “Okay! If you don’t like it, then when I'm finished, you're not allowed to eat any!”

Finished speaking, she grabbed a Spiritual Wind Rabbit that was already dead, and with fast, nimble movements, she peeled the skin and bones, then placed it on a simple grill and began to roast it.

Xumi Palace is the best place to cook because, if she didn't want any smoke or garbage, she only has to think about it and it will disappear without a trace. Including the bloodstains on her hands that were left after slaughtering the Spiritual Wind Rabbit.

Following Hexi's movements, the Wind Spirit Rabbit rotated without stopping, the bloody white meat slowly turning an alluring golden yellow. As the fat from the rabbit dripped down into the fire, a ‘zi zi’ sound could be heard.

A variety of seasonings were brushed onto the golden yellow Wind Spirit Rabbit, and when Hexi no longer had to erase the smoke, a delicious fragrance that made a person's finger move permeated the air in the room.

“The smell is so good! Mother, what is that? Dan Dan wants to eat that!”

Hexi laughed, “Didn’t you say that you don’t like it? Since you don’t like it, you don’t get to eat it!”

Wu wu, Mother, Dan Dan was wrong! Dan Dan likes it, wants to eat it! Wants to eat it!” Dan Dan begged and praised her, and with a miserable and eager expression said, “Mother is the most awesome mother in the world! Dan Dan has never smelled such a fragrant smell, mother, give Dan Dan a little to taste~”

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