Chapter 61 - There's A Method To Make You All Become Strong

Chapter 61 - There's A Method To Make You All Become Strong

“You, come over here!” With the trembling slaves watching, Hexi ordered Xi Jia to walk over, then took his pulse.

The price to buy these slaves’ was extremely cheap due to fact that they were thought to have practically no innate cultivation talent.

However, after Hexi took their pulse, she discovered that their physique's were extremely outstanding. If they were apart of the organisation in her previous life, they would have become outstanding soldiers trained to sacrifice their lives if the need arose. For them to be able to handle a martial artist of the Qi refining stage would be as easy as rubbing their hands together.

Hexi’s odd movements combined with her cold expression made the slaves’ hearts become terrified.

Finally, Xi Jia was unable to bear it, and with a trembling voice said, “Master, we have plenty of strength, we're willing to work hard for you, pledge our life, and vow our loyalty to you. Please Master, don't make us into medicine bodies!”

A so called medicine body and “pig meat” actually had the same concept, but a medicine body didn't have any cultivation base so their ending was even more miserable than that of “pig meat”.

Hexi knew their hearts were apprehensive, so without beating around the bush simply said, “I know that all of your innate cultivation talent is no good, but I have a method that will make you all become strong. It’s just that the process will be somewhat painful, so if any of you are unwilling, then you'd better mention it now. As for becoming medicine bodies, can rest assured, I'm completely uninterested in that sort of thing.”

After hearing this, Xi Jia and the others were shocked yet happy. When they realised that Hexi wouldn't deceive them while being in charge of their lives and deaths, pleasantly surprised tears suddenly started dripping down their cheeks.

No one could understand how truly desperate and low they were. They were abandoned by their own families, then abandoned by society, left to wait in a cage for someone to pick them. Unfortunately, they were born into this martial artist world with a lack of innate talent, where the weak were prey to the strong.

From the moment they became slaves, they never thought that they would have a chance to start a new life. As long as they can become strong, let alone bear a little suffering, they would be more than willing to climb a mountain of knives and cross a sea of flames.

Xi Jia kneeled down, kowtowing with tearful eyes, “Master, I'm long as I have the chance to become strong, even if I die, I'm willing!”

Soon, the other nine slaves were kneeling and kowtowing too, many of them bursting into tears, some of them even shouted long live three times to Hexi.

However, while Hexi’s expression didn't change, her voice became colder, “I'll give you all a training plan in several days, the Cang Mountain behind this courtyard will be your training location. Xi Jia, as the person in charge, every half a month I will come to check your progress. If someone dares to work half heartedly...hehe, none of you will want to know the results.”

“I'll give all of you a choice, if you want to abandon this chance, you can raise your hand now. Once started, I absolutely will not allow anyone to quit halfway, do you all understand clearly?”

“Yes, Master!” The slaves kowtowed as they answered, their faces firm and resolute, none of them having the slightest intention of withdrawing.


After dispatching the slaves, Hexi rejected Wet Nurse Chen's offer to bring her dinner, only saying that she had already eaten when she was out earlier, then she entered her space.

Once she entered her space, Hexi relaxed as she breathed in the strong spiritual energy, making the exhaustion in her entire body disappear without a trace.

“Mother~ Mother~ you've finally come, Dan Dan missed you! Did you quickly come to see if Dan Dan is doing all right?” Dan Dan’s eager and happy shouts reached her ears. Hexi laughed while entering Xumi Palace, gently placing a hand on Dan Dan, “Is the stuff I gave you this afternoon delicious?”

What Hexi was referring to are the leftover dishes for Dan Dan that she packed when she was at the Intoxicated Immortal earlier.

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