Chapter 60 - No Need To See Nalan Manor’s Face

Chapter 60 - No Need To See Nalan Manor’s Face

Sitting at the head position in the room, the man in red robes shook his head and faintly said, “No need! He has his methods, as while he doesn't have enough strength, he must have a powerful backer. To us the more urgent matter is other people, we don't want them to drip mud into water.”

The man in red robes finished speaking and paused, his androgynous voice carrying a touch of ridicule, “After today this news will widely spread throughout the entire Jin Ling country, this time, probably even the doctor's association won't sit still. This show will certainly be interesting. Yan’an, you've probably guessed which side will profit in the end?”

Zhou Yan’an didn't dare to answer, however in his mind's eye a picture flashed of the youth’s face when concentrating on the treatment, his heart surging with a trace of worry.

He's just an ordinary person that doesn't have a cultivation base! I hope he will be able to escape unscathed in one piece from this disturbance.


The following night a rumour started, that there is a strange beautiful youth with an ordinary body, and using a new method that has never been seen before, he's able to heal a sick person with fractured meridians. This news quickly spread to every corner of Yan Jing city.

Many people inquired about the genius youth doctor's whereabouts, especially eager to know were those from Nalan Manor and other doctor families. Of course, this news was spread about later. At this point in time, Hexi, the person involved, still had no idea about any of this happening.

When the colour of the sky turned dark, Hexi returned to her courtyard still disguised as Xi Yue.

Wet Nurse Chen was greatly surprised when she saw her. When Hexi had left before, she had changed into men's clothes and combed her hair into a man’s hairstyle, with her appearance still that of Nalan Hexi.

But what Wet Nurse Chen didn’t expect, was that when Hexi returned after being gone for a day, her complexion would be soft and alluring, just like snow. She was still dressed in the clothes of a man, if she changed into the clothes of a woman…

Hexi saw Wet Nurse Chen’s surprised expression and had no choice but to randomly tell a lie in explanation, “When I was outside today I ran into Sheng De Hall’s shopkeeper Zhou. He said my complexion looked pale because my body had accumulated too many impurities and poisons. Shopkeeper Zhou was kind, he gave me a pill to cleanse my muscles and tendons, after that I became like this.”

Wet Nurse Chen was overjoyed at this good news, she touched Hexi’s face and cried, “Right! Right! This is certainly the result of cleansing your muscles and tendons, as Young Miss’ appearance is now very similar to Madam's! No! Compared to how you looked before, this is more natural…I'm definitely not wrong, it's because your illness is now cured that your original appearance has been restored. Sheng De Hall’s shopkeeper Zhou really is a benevolent and righteous person. Young Miss, you must properly express your gratitude towards him in the future!”

Hexi didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she could only agree to appease Wet Nurse Chen, then ask, “Wet Nurse, did the ten slaves I bought already arrive?”

Wet Nurse Chen returned to her senses at once, with anxiousness she quickly answered, “Young Miss, our courtyard doesn't even have enough food for us, why did you buy more slaves? How can we live if Nalan Manor doesn't give us our monthly food allowance!”

When Wet Nurse Chen had suddenly seen the slaves arriving before their door that afternoon, she had thought that it was people coming for revenge, scaring her until she almost passed out. But after hearing they were the slaves Hexi bought, that made her so shocked she wasn't able to speak.

The corner of Hexi’s mouth raised, and from her storage ring she withdrew a portion of food and crystal stones, laughing lightly, “Wet Nurse Chen doesn’t need to worry about the matter of money, this is the reward I received from buying my slaves. In the future we won't have to see Nalan Manor’s face again and wait for them to help us. Wet Nurse, can you go call the ten slaves I bought and bring them here?”

Wet Nurse Chen harboured doubt in the bottom of her heart, yet still felt both happy and anxious as she retreated. Soon, those ten slaves named Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, and Gui, paid their respects to Hexi with reverential faces.

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