Chapter 59 - Repercussions Behind The Scenes

Chapter 59 - Repercussions Behind The Scenes

The old man that was called Elder Jiang snorted coldly, mockingly looking at doctor Xie, “An ordinary person can make you, a third rank doctor, kneel in public? They can heal a sick person, that even I can’t?”

Doctor Xie’s face flushed as he lowered his head, his hands hanging at the side of his body tightly clenched his robes, while his eyes staring at the ground were filled with flaming resentment and hatred.

Elder Jiang said, “Is it true that you diagnosed clearly, that sick person had broken meridians, and was still cured?”

Although unwilling from the bottom of his heart, doctor Xie still nodded, “It's absolutely true, that boy must be able to use some sort of secret method…”

Elder Jiang waved his hand to interrupt him, “At that time, besides you and Sheng De Hall’s Zhou Yan’an, were there any other people on the scene?”

Doctor Xie recalled the strong force that made him kneel and kowtow, his eyes flashing in anger, but eventually shaking his head answered, “Would Sheng De Hall’s people do something so cunning, purposely finding such a boy to provoke us?”

Elder Jiang shook his head, “The important thing now is that you find that youth first. After he's found, immediately send people to inform me. Remember that, otherwise you know what the outcome will be!”

Elder Jiang's threat and strict tone made doctor Xie’s heart tremble and he quickly bowed, “Yes, Elder Jiang.”

Doctor Xie withdrew in fear and trepidation as Elder Jiang watched his retreating back, his eyes alight with a greedy and fervent flame.

Xie Chongming, that idiot doesn't truly understand, but he himself knows better than anyone. To heal a fracture of the meridians, only an eighth rank doctor has the ability to accomplish it. If an insignificant ordinary person can achieve it, if his Jiang family were to have this skill, then for him to join the doctors association is just around the corner.

Their Jiang family has hidden and stayed quiet in Yan Jing city for so many years, without this situation occurring, they would have to stay for hidden longer.

Hehe, his Jiang family was determined to win over that youth and obtain the secret method in his hand.


At the same time, Sheng De Hall’s shopkeeper Zhou, Zhou Yan’an, was with his Master to report today’s matter.

In a spacious office used to discuss official business, there sat a man wearing red brocade robes.

A strange white mask was worn on his face, and as the light shone upon it, the designs on the mask resembled a sinister ghost entangled by vines, causing people to feel a unique hair raising emotion.

Zhou Yan’an raised his head to glance towards the Young Master, quickly lowering his head after catching a peek. He didn't dare look at him too much, his heart was already palpitating incessantly.

There were only a few of them, trusted confidantes that knew, that the Young Master’s face under that strange mask is the face of a handsome evildoer. Except that since he was a child, Young Master has detested his face, to the extent that he rarely revealed his real face to other people.

Thinking of Young Master’s real face, Zhou Yan’an couldn’t help but recall the youth who saved that boy in the afternoon. Handsome and unfriendly, not arguing over victory and defeat, the youth’s appearance was just like fine jade, pure and proud like Heavenly Mountain’s snow. Compared to Young Master’s alluring evildoer looks, it was completely different.

Just thinking about that youth was enthralling him, when suddenly, he heard a man’s languid voice, “Is that ordinary person really able to heal fractured meridians? Indeed, it's somewhat interesting, if there really is someone with such a miraculous skill, perhaps the entire course of Jin Ling’s doctor cultivation world will change.”

Zhou Yan’an quickly made sure to pay attention, bowed, and asked, “Young Master, about the matter of if we need to dispatch our people to find that youth?

It’s not that he hadn't sent people to follow that youth, but the strange thing is, after just passing a corner, they had lost sight of the youth’s figure. Moreover, as far as he knew, Ji Sheng Hall’s people had the same issue, returning home without any achievement.

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