Chapter 58 - Sealed State

Chapter 58 - Sealed State

Nangong Yu laughed lightly, “If I'm not mistaken, your dantian has been in a sealed state since a long time ago. This seal is extremely mysterious and powerful, even I'm unable to confirm what kind of ancient method was used, so it’s only natural that Nalan Zhengze couldn't notice it.”

The light in Hexi’s eyes became brighter, her entire body leaned forward, completely forgetting about the disaffection and fear she had towards Nangong Yu a moment ago, “You said there is a way to remove the seal on my dantian though? After removing the seal, I'll be able cultivate like normal?”

A light fragrance wafted up from the little girl’s body, lingering on the tip of Nangong Yu’s nose, causing the blaze in his eyes to become more magnificent.

He recalled that this girl was ruthless in Gluttonous House, her unwavering determination in Zhu Manor, the cunning and charming manner in the candlelight, also her concentrated and passionate gaze when saving a person’s life.

This girl and him are very similar, but she was more unique. Even her fierce and small minded thoughts made him feel that she is adorable, making him want to imprison this little girl at his side forever.

Nangong Yu extended his hand, his slender fingers lightly caressing Hexi’s long eyelashes, his voice husky, deep, and low, “Tomorrow morning at Si[1], I'll be waiting for you here. I'll bring you to where the things needed to remove the seal are located.”

His implication was barely spoken when Hexi suddenly saw a bright light, and before her eyes, the man that had originally been bowing his head and gazing at her, had already disappeared without a trace.

The rich smell lingering in the room that had belonged to the man also slowly dissipated, leaving behind only the fragrance of the cooling tea.

If it wasn't because of the heat still remaining on her eyelashes, Hexi probably would've believed that she was dreaming.

Damned scoundrel, not speaking clearly but already running! So he thinks his cultivation base is extraordinarily high eh?

Hexi stood and, gnashing her teeth for a moment, left in anger. She was completely unaware that behind her, Qing Long who was watching from a distance, had received an intense shock to his heart.

From the jade hairpin on the top of this youth’s head, he could faintly sense a spiritual power Imprint of pure essence. The aura emitted from the spiritual power clearly belonged to his Master, but didn’t Master loathe other people contaminating his aura?

This...this youth and his Master, what kind of relationship do they actually have?


The sun set in the west, a curtain of darkness completely enveloping the earth.

At this time, bright lights were visible in a luxurious manor far from the city.

Under the lights, a dignified old man was standing in the lobby, bending over every now and then to examine a dead body. At this old man's side there stood a middle aged man wearing grey robes, his expression respectful yet colourless with slight terror as he watched the old man.

If Hexi was here, she would be able to recognise him at first glance, as this grey robed middle aged man is doctor Xie, the same one that had this very afternoon gotten into a conflict with her.

While the dead body that was laid on the ground is the person who had been following her. The black dressed man that was jolted by Nangong Yu from a distance, breaking down his core and arteries.

The old man continued to examine the body for a while before getting up with a frown, “This person's cultivation base is extremely high, it’s likely above mine, is there anyone that clearly saw what happened?”

Having heard what was said, doctor Xie quickly shook his head, “As soon as our people found him, Wang Fu was already dead. The strangest part is that he died at a place not far from Ji Sheng Hall without leaving any information.”

The old man pondered for a moment, “Is it possible it was that youth who killed him?”

“Impossible!” Doctor Xie howled, his originally respectful face twisted into a sinister grimace due to hatred, “I didn't sense any fluctuation of spiritual power from that boy’s body, even when he was carrying out the treatment. Elder Jiang, I dare to guarantee that he is just an ordinary person without a cultivation base.”

[1]Between 9-11am

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