Chapter 57 - Muddled Dantian

Chapter 57 - Muddled Dantian

Finished speaking and without the slightest hesitation, she turned around to leave. Her marching steps didn't have even the tiniest pause.

However, just when she neared the door, she suddenly sensed a tremendous pressure on her whole body.

When she returned to her senses, she had been suppressed into the corner, the man’s tall figure and rich smell enveloping her, making her unable to avoid or retreat.

Nangong Yu’s burning gaze was focused on her, a trace of ice contained in his eyes, “Seems like I recently warned you. You're not allowed to call me your Highness, Hell King, call my name!”

Angered, Hexi said, “Who are you to me, based on what should I obey you?”

Nangong Yu leisurely replied, “Don’t you want to know how to remove the seal on your Dantian?

Hexi, who was originally aiming an attack at him suddenly stopped, her face showing her surprise, followed by an intense longing.

She had merely been in Mi Luo continent for several days, and yet day by day, she desired to increase her strength. Otherwise, sooner or later, she would be trampled by those that held more power.

This man before her eyes is the first to see that her dantian had a problem, perhaps he really did have a way to help her?

Hexi’s mind was full of twists and turns, the anger on her face dissipating, changing into a strong look of expectation, “You know how?”

Nangong Yu’s eyes exposed the trace of a smile, looking at her expectant expression, he felt his heart start to favour this little girl...this kind of feeling is one that has never occurred before, the feeling wanting to take this girl under his wing to protect her, confine her at his side and pamper her. The most important thing is that this sort of feeling seems not bad at all.

Nangong Yu raised the corner of his mouth, bowing his head as he looked at the girl pretending to be unperturbed, yet still not speaking.

Hexi clenched her teeth, feeling like her internal organs hurt, but still opening her mouth, her voice was like a flying mosquito, “Nangong Yu, you said that the seal on my dantian can be removed, what does that mean?”

Great man...sigh, a woman can also bow and submit, and as long as she can become strong, this small concession would be regarded as nothing.

This voice softly used his surname to address him, but nevertheless, it made Nangong Yu’s eyes flash with a strong smile.

The corner of his mouth perked up unconsciously, his elegant and outstanding face like a brilliant silver moon, drawing a person's gaze till they couldn't shift it.

Hexi was somewhat stunned, her mind flashed with an indescribable thought; I only called his name, is it really something that would make him so happy?

Quickly, Nangong Yu restrained his smile, “Have you ever heard about a muddled dantian?”

Hexi blankly shook her head.

“For a martial artist with a muddled dantian, their cultivation of spiritual power is not divided into five elements so they can freely change which one they use, and their reserves of spiritual power far surpass a common dantian. Therefore, martial artists that possess a muddled dantian, whether it is cultivation speed or strength, it will be much better than a martial artist of the same rank.”

Hexi's eyes opened wide, “You mean, I have a muddled dantian?

Nangong Yu smiled as he nodded, his eyes carrying a gentleness that even he himself did not notice.

“But I remember the spiritual root test I did when I was a child, at the time, that black stone did not react in the least, that was why Nalan Zhengze was able to completely abandon me, exiling me to the other courtyard. If I really do have a muddled dantian, how could a fourth rank doctor like Nalan Zhengze not have noticed it?”

The black stone is used to test a person’s cultivation, the innate talent and attribute of their spiritual power. So when tested the black stone will emit different colours, representing different attributes. When the colour reaches its clearest, that would mean that was the cultivator’s innate talent.

If the black stone did not react, then it represented that the cultivator had neither spiritual power or innate talent. And so during that time, Nalan Hexi’s test had come out with this result.

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