Chapter 329 - Mad

Chapter 329 - Mad

“The Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill is definitely the cure for Intoxicated Blood poison!”

However, how could any of those people still believe her, and they indignantly shouted, “You want us to try again? Do you want us to end up as miserable as Shangguan Rui? Keep dreaming!”

Feng Lian Ying was furious after hearing all the accusations and watched as the martial artists from influential families refused to eat the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill, while those who’d already swallowed them forcefully vomited them out.

Feng Lian Ying suddenly took out an additional three pills that she’d hidden inside her sleeve for bargaining with in the future. Then, she rushed towards the martial artists without influence.

The group of banished martial artists had initially been rejoicing that they’d escaped from such a calamity, but now that they saw Feng Lian Ying rushing over, they immediately screamed and fled in all directions.

At this moment, Feng Lian Ying had completely lost all traces of sanity. Wearing Heavenly Silk Gloves on her hands, she grabbed a person, and then stuffed a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill into his mouth as she murmured, “There won’t be any problem; my diagnosis will never be wrong!”

In order to speed up the effect of the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill, she even forced some of her spiritual power into that person’s body. This would cause the medicine to be rapidly absorbed; regardless of the impurities in the pill that might cause harm to the martial artist.

However, after the period it takes an incense stick to burn, Feng Lian Ying quickly retreated in horror.

With a loud bang, another person exploded and turned into a pool of blood that squirmed about on the ground.

“Ahhhh--!! Dead! Dead again!!”

“Shen’er-!! Feng Lian Ying, you vicious woman, return my son’s life!! Shen’er…!!”

The martial artist’s mother saw the pool of blood that used to be her son, and with her eyes red due to hatred, she charged towards Feng Lian Ying.

However, her cultivation base was nowhere near good enough for her to be an opponent with Liu Li Sect’s bodyguards, and she was quickly kicked to the ground, causing her to spit out blood.

The group of powerless martial artists were now alarmed, and they glared at Feng Lian Ying with hatred and resentment.

This woman, in their eyes, had been as beautiful and as pure as a goddess in the heavens. Now, she’d revealed herself to be a ruthless and viciously evil woman.

What’s the use of calling such a woman Ice Lotus Fairy; it’s simply insulting the title of a fairy!

At this moment, Gu Yidao, who’d remained unconscious on the ground the whole time, groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

Gu Liufeng’s face filled with surprise. Quickly helping to support his Uncle sit up, he asked, “How are you feeling, Uncle? Do you feel better now?”

Gu Yidao bared his teeth and frowned, but eventually, he stretched his lips into a smile. “You can rest assured, Liufeng; I feel much better now.”

Hexi crouched down and grabbed his wrist to take his pulse before nodding. “The poison in your body has been completely expelled, while your wounds are no longer weeping pus. You can now use your spiritual power to assist in healing your wounds.”

Sure enough, Gu Yidao’s wounds were now only leaking healthy red blood, whereas previously they’d been oozing a black-yellow liquid.

Gu Yidao bit his lip, as though he was suffering from pain, and he slowly began to circulate his spiritual power to nourish the wounds on his body.

A moment later, the wounds that had slowly been trickling blood dried up. Although it wasn’t possible for them to completely heal right away, his body seemed to be in a much better condition than it was before, and he could even see again.

Gu Yidao looked at the wounds he’d sustained that were no longer bleeding. His body trembled slightly, and he stared gratefully at Hexi. “I...I didn’t think that I’d survive. I thought I would’ve died already…”

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