Chapter 328 - Exploded

Chapter 328 - Exploded

Shangguan Rui’s face was filled with fright and pain, and his body kept rolling about on the ground.

The blood blisters that had already disappeared were now reappearing extremely fast.

However, it was far from over.

When everyone was at a loss of what to do, a loud bang was suddenly heard from Shangguan Rui as his body unexpectedly exploded.

Black pus and blood splattered everywhere, and even two disciples of the Liu Li Sect weren’t spared! It was too late for them to flee and they ended up splashed with blood.

After the explosion, everyone looked at the place where Shangguan Rui had been reclining.

Finding that there was no dead body or bones; just a large pool of blood.

The most terrible thing was that the blood seemed to be alive as it struggled to squirm towards the crowd.

For a moment, everyone was shocked by the incredible scene before their eyes.

It was only after a long while that someone finally screamed; their expression one of horror as they ran away.

When the blood neared where Hexi and the others were, a man in black clothes slowly stepped forward with an indifferent expression on his face. Opening a porcelain bottle he held in his hand; he then poured a medicinal liquid onto the blood.

The blood violently bubbled, and with an almost pained sound, it seemed to want to flee.

This medicinal liquid was like the blood’s nemesis; it desperately wanted to escape, but it was powerless to do anything.

After a short time, the blood disappeared in a plume of steam.

Everyone stared blankly at the scene. They just couldn’t believe their own eyes.

Shangguan Rui...he...he actually exploded! Moreover, he turned into a pool of blood?

What did that mean? Did it mean that the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill was ineffective at curing Shangguan Rui, and had killed him instead?

That meant that Ice Lotus Fairy was incapable of treating those infected with poison!

Instead, the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill that everyone had been fighting over just moments before was actually a poison that would kill them!

“Arghhh--!” Some of the martial artists let out terrified screams as they started throwing the pill, which had been so hard to get, as far away from them as possible like a hot potato.

However, several of them who’d already swallowed a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill went completely pale, and with their bodies twitching, they dug their fingers down their throats to vomit the pill out.

Since they’d swallowed a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill, then didn’t that mean they would become like Shangguan Rui and ultimately turn into a pool of blood after suffering a violent death?!

No-! That was impossible-! They didn’t want to die!

“Feng Lian Ying, didn’t you say that the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill would definitely cure us? Then what on earth happened to Shangguan Rui?!”

“You vicious woman, you lied to get me to take a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill! If I die, my Master will never let you go!”

“What Ice Lotus Fairy!? She’s nothing but a swindler posing as a medical genius, pah!”

“Feng Lian Ying, if my Senior Brother dies, my Ling Xiao Sect will refuse to ever be allies with you!!”

Feng Lian Ying’s face had currently turned a horrid shade of green and purple; she couldn’t at all believe what had just happened!

Shangguan Rui had actually died...impossible! It was simply impossible!

Her diagnosis, her medicine, how could any of it be wrong?!

It must be that Shangguan Rui was infected by another poison...right! That’s right; the problem must’ve come from Shangguan Rui himself!

With this thought, Feng Lian Ying suddenly shouted, “The problem isn’t my medical skills, and my diagnosis wasn’t wrong!! This was just an unexpected tragedy caused by Shangguan Rui’s own problem!!”

“If you don’t believe me, try it again! The next person won’t suffer from such a situation!”

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