Chapter 322 - The Beginning Of A Nightmare

Chapter 322 - The Beginning Of A Nightmare

“Liu...liufeng! Are you okay?!” Gu Yidao’s voice was hoarse, and he kept releasing painful groans. “Fortunately...fortunately, you’re least, there’s someone who’ll take care of Youlan.”

Gu Liufeng looked at the man lying on the ground, barely able to recognise his face. After staring blankly for a few minutes, he finally whispered back, “You’’re Uncle?! You didn’t die?”

As he said that, Gu Liufeng went to rush towards him, only to be stopped by Hexi. “Don’t touch him; you’ll be infected.”

Hearing that his poison really was contagious to Gu Liufeng, Gu Yidao propped himself up with his hand on the ground and moved backwards several steps before he cried sorrowfully, “Liufeng, Uncle...Uncle is already past the point of helping, don’t come over… In the future, take good care of your Mother, and live well…”

“Uncle, don’t talk nonsense,” Gu Liufeng suddenly raised his voice. “You’ve just been poisoned by an insignificant and strange poison; why would you die? Didn’t I tell you to leave Murong Zhangfeng and them behind when you entered the secret territory, and to wait for me in Green Wood Realm? Why didn’t you listen to me, and instead followed them into Hundred Herb Mist?”

Gu Yidao’s eyes were somewhat blank before they then filled with fear and pain. In the end, he just lightly sighed, and said, “I was in too much of a rush.”

Gu Yidao’s Younger Sister, Gu Youlan, who was also Gu Liufeng’s Mother, was seriously ill. After having received treatment for so many years, she still showed no signs of recovery. Instead, she was gradually reaching her limit.

Gu Liufeng and Gu Yidao were desperate and had decided to take a chance on the secret territory of the Sealed Dragon Domain. After all, the owner of the Sealed Dragon Domain, Master Zijin, was once a person with an outstanding reputation regarding his medical skills. Furthermore, Hundred Herb Mist was filled with high level spiritual plants rare to Mi Luo Continent.

Gu Yidao was a Gold Core stage martial artist, and a bodyguard of Murong manor. This, together with a map of the secret territory he had in his possession that was handed down from generation to generation, he was able to enter Hundred Herb Mist through the Major Cloud Array. After arriving at Green Wood Realm, Gu Yidao hadn’t been able to wait until Gu Liufeng arrived, and had followed the Murong family into the medicinal field.

Once they all saw the endless amount of high level spiritual plants in the medicinal field, they were nearly overcome with madness. However, some of the people who couldn’t help but consume those herbs found that afterwards, their bodies were covered in a strange red rash.

Gu Yidao gazed at the medicinal field, the expression in his eyes becoming one of terror and anger. “Back then, half of the twenty-nine people we came in with showed symptoms of being poisoned. But at that time, no one panicked because we had Murong Hai with us, a third rank doctor. He gave everyone an elixir, and after taking the medicine, everyone’s temperature quickly went down. On top of that, the red rashes disappeared without a trace.”

“We all thought that that was the end of our trouble, but who would have thought that it was just the beginning of our nightmare.”

Gu Yidao clenched his teeth, then continued, “Not long after taking the medicine, the martial artists who’d originally had the red rashes suddenly began to bleed from the seven apertures[1] of their faces’. Eventually, their bodies were completely rotten, until they were nothing but pools of blood.”

“Unfortunately, our nightmare was far from over. After half of them had died, the rest of us, besides Murong Hai and Murong Zhangfeng, also started to experience the symptoms of a fever. Now, it’s definite that we were infected due to coming into contact with those who were poisoned.”

When Gu Yidao said that, an extremely pained expression crossed his face, and his body twitched violently.

The blood blisters on his face were festering with a speed visible to the naked eye, while black and yellow bloody-pus leaked out from his body. His current appearance was horrendous.

This appearance was due to Gu Yidao suffering from the final stages of the poison. Soon, he would meet with a violent death.

[1] Both eyes, both nostrils, both ears, and the mouth.

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