Chapter 311 - The Safest Place?

Chapter 311 - The Safest Place?

Everyone now had a relaxed expression on their face, and they were looking at Feng Lian Ying with gazes of admiration and gratefulness.

All the martial artists in the medicinal field who had been killing each other and devouring the medicinal herbs gradually began to sober; each of them revealing a horrified and confused expression.

Abruptly, there were sudden exclamations from the people that had sobered, “So it was all thanks to Liu Li sect’s Ice Lotus Fairy! It’s no wonder that she had such methods to easily dispel the Mind Confusion!”

“Ice Lotus Fairy is indeed a person with a virtuous heart like in the legends! Everyone in the medicinal field can escape calamity today thanks to the help of such a fairy!”

The praises coming from all the people made a haughty and arrogant expression appear on Feng Lian Ying’s face.

But when she looked at Nangong Yu, her eyes became gentle and watery. “It’s just a minor accomplishment, nothing worth mentioning. To be able to help everyone is Lian Ying’s privilege.”

“Brother Yu, quickly go pick the spiritual plants in the medicinal field. Many of spiritual plants here are rare, so maybe even your illness will be able to benefit greatly.”

For the martial artists who had now become cleared-headed and were waiting outside the medicinal field, once they heard her words, some of them couldn’t endure any longer, and they rushed back into the medicinal field.

This act caused the anxiety of Hell King Manor’s bodyguards to increase. Even Wu Yu was eager to move forward and pick herbs in the medicinal field.

However, Hexi held out a hand to stop them. “Hold on! This medicinal field is rather complicated; you shouldn’t act rashly.”

Feng Lian Ying mockingly laughed at Hexi. “Isn’t Young Master Xi too cautious? Hundred Herb Mist is in Green Wood Realm, however, it was personally created and planted by Zijin’s Master. The white fog surrounding the medicinal field, and the spiritual energy being emitted from the herbs, is all there to ward off the spiritual beasts and people who come after it and want to ruin it. Therefore, this medicinal field could even be said to be the safest place in the Sealed Dragon Domain.”

“As for that Mind Confusion…” Feng Lian Ying shook her head in disdain, then sneeringly said, “Young Master Xi is too ignorant and inexperienced, so, therefore, you might not understand. There are two types of herbs in the medicinal field, and once they mature, their fragrances will mix to create Mind Confusion and confuse a person’s mind. But this kind of Mind Confusion is only effective on martial artists that are of Gold Core stage and below, and those who are mentally weak; it’s not intentionally targeting us.”

“I didn’t expect that just a mere Mind Confusion scent would actually frighten Young Master Xi! Hehe...”

At this moment, Nie Jinchen walked forward to stand beside Feng Lian Ying and followed up her remarks by snidely saying, “Little Sister Lian Ling, he’s only a low level martial artist who comes from a small place; it’s only natural that he hasn’t seen the world yet. There’s no need for you to lower yourself for such a person!”

After that, he looked up at Nangong Yu. “Nangong, it’s unlikely that you’ll believe that kid over Lian Ying’s judgement, right? Don’t forget; she’s a sixth rank doctor.”

Nangong Yu slightly narrowed his eyes. There was cold malice contained within his eyes, and yet the expression on his face was indifferent as he smiled lightly and said, “I came to this medicinal field for Xi’er’s sake. Since Xi’er said that it was unnecessary to pick them, it’s fine if I don’t touch any of these herbs.”

Then, his cold gaze swept over the bodyguards around him. “Whatever Young Master Xi says goes. If anyone dares question it, you better get lost from the Major Cloud array.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the bodyguards of Hell King Manor immediately shut their mouths in fear. While Feng Lian Ying, on the other hand, was seething with anger.

Nie Jinchen saw that her face was purple with rage, and he couldn’t help but feel distressed. Clenching his teeth, he said, “Little Sister Lian Ying, you don’t have to bother about this group of cowards. I’ll go now and collect the Chen Xiang Fruit that you want.”

After saying that, he ruthlessly glared at Hexi, before he then turned around and walked towards the centre of the medicinal field.

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