Chapter 305 - If It’s Unreasonable This King Indulges Him

Chapter 305 - If It’s Unreasonable This King Indulges Him

“Nangong Yu, I’m all right. My power is just depleted; that’s all,” Momentarily, Hexi was unsure whether to laugh or cry.

In front of so many people, in the end, until when was this guy going to continue touching her.

In response to her, however, Nangong Yu gathered her into his arms and tightly embraced her. “Xi’er...! Fortunately you’re all right! Fortunately, I found you, Xi’er!”

Hexi felt extreme pain; like her bones were being crushed. This man was acting like he wanted to fuse her to himself, making her unable to breathe.

But deep in her heart, there flowed a warmth that she couldn’t precisely pinpoint, making her restless, angry, and lonely heart of a moment ago become calm.

It wasn’t until a good while later that Nangong Yu finally loosened his hold on Hexi, then turned towards Feng Yunjing.

Feng Yunjing’s eyes narrowed slightly, a cold and dangerous light gleaming within them.

His gaze fell on Nangong Yu’s hands; one of which was firmly wrapped around the ‘youngster’s’ slender waist, while the other was helping to tidy up the ‘youngster’s’ hair now and then. It also regularly drifted down to stroke his warm and tender cheek, as if confirming his existence.

The ‘youngster’ who was still confronting him with bared fangs like a fierce little beast a moment ago, was now nestled in Nangong Yu’s arms, looking utterly adorable and docile.

The two people standing together and cuddling seemed like a pair of jade annulus made in heaven; both male and female as beautiful as a painting.

So beautiful, it was unpleasant to the eye.

Before Feng Yunjing had a chance to say anything, Feng Lian Ying’s voice was heard sobbing behind him, “Brother Yu, why do you only care about whether or not Young Master Xi was injured? I was ambushed by him just a moment ago, and until now, my stomach is still in a lot of pain! Aren’t you concerned about me even a little bit? In your heart, do our feelings for each other, over so many years, not even compare with this treacherous boy?”

Hexi raised her eyebrows, and she couldn’t help but step backwards from the hands that were looped around her body.

Yes, she had just beaten up Feng Lian Ying. Moreover, after she’d finished beating her up, until now, she’d felt very pleased.

She would like to see how Nangong Yu would react when he saw that his beloved Little Sister Lian Ying had sustained an injury, and what’s more, it was caused by her.

Seeing her wanting to get away from him, Nangong Yu’s face sank. Suddenly, he reached out his hands to pull her back, firmly imprisoning her in his arms.

His icy-cold eyes landed on Feng Lian Ying, and slowly speaking with a calm tone, he said, “Xi’er is one of this King’s people. Anything that he does, if it’s justified, this King lets him do as he pleases; if it’s unreasonable, then this King indulges him.”

“If you’re dissatisfied, then you can bring it up with this King. However, if anyone dares to lay a hand on Xi’er behind my back, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Feng Lian Ying watched as Nangong Yu said this with dagger-like eyes as he glared at Feng Yunjing.

Fury flashed in Feng Yunjing’s eyes, and he coldly asked, “Nangong Yu, did you hit your head on something? For a guy with an unknown origin, you want to oppose my Feng family?”

Following that, Feng Yunjing’s gaze fell on Hexi while he grit his teeth, the voice leaving his mouth unexpectedly ruthless and irritable, “In the end, what method did he use to seduce you? His outstanding face? Lascivious body? Or maybe it was that skilful little mouth? If it’s a man or woman like him that you want, then the Feng family can find a few more for you!”

“For trash like him, you dare to offend our Feng family and abuse the kindness we used to save your he really worth it? Nangong Yu, it’s better for you to give him to me to deal with. How does that sound? Believe me, with such an outcome, both the Feng family and Hell King Manor will be satisfied!”

The coldness in Hexi’s eyes suddenly intensified with his words, while rage surged in her chest to cause a strong murderous aura to overflow from her entire body.

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