Chapter 300 - Collaborate

Chapter 300 - Collaborate

After he spoke, the black flag suddenly flew out and enveloped the two figures; like a cloud covering the sun.

There were no apparent spiritual power fluctuations, but the densely cold aura it emitted caused Hexi to be alarmed. She felt like she was being pressured by Mount Tai and found herself unable to breathe.

While this was occurring, the black clothed man smirked and approached Hexi.

As he got closer, the black flag suddenly transformed into a black shadow and also headed towards Hexi.

The Purple Abyss Vine rapidly responded by springing out to fight with the black shadow.

Following that, a dark golden blade appeared in the black clothed man’s hand and shot towards Hexi.

A loud bang echoed through the white fog, causing it to start violently churning.

When the white fog finally settled down, you could see one black ray of light, and one purple ray of light, intertwined. As the light had become like two ropes, they had tightly bound Hexi together with the man.

Both of their complexions were a little ashen, while Hexi’s hand was clenched around a green dagger that was firmly pressed against the man’s neck.

Though on the other side, a golden blade was gripped within the black clothed man’s hand as it firmly pressed against Hexi’s chest, as if in the blink of an eye it would pierce her heart.

However, shock and amazement showed on the black clothed man’s face. His hand holding the golden blade trembled as he was unsure whether to withdraw or not.

He looked at the elegant youngster with shining eyes in bewilderment, taking quite a while before saying, “You’’re a man…”

A coldness flashed in Hexi’s eyes, and the dagger suddenly cut into the skin on the man’s neck as she coldly said, “This dagger is smeared with the highly deadly Blood Sealing Throat poison. Although it’s useless against a high-level martial artist, in this white fog you’re unable to use spiritual power, and due to this, you won’t be able to expel the poison immediately. If you still insist on harassing me, I don’t mind if neither of us wins.”

Feeling an itchy pain from the wound on his neck, the black clothed man’s expression became sterner and a trace of anger showed on his face. “If you refuse to cooperate, do you really think that I don’t have ways to deal with you?”

After a brief pause, he coldly said, “If you hadn’t rashly destroyed a part of the array’s eye, which changed the direction of the eight-track trigrams, I would’ve already found the array’s core and destroyed the Major Cloud array! Now that you’ve ruined my plan, shouldn’t you pay the price? How about you help me break the array?”

Hexi was startled for a moment, while on the contrary, the only thing revealed on her face was a slight trace of hesitation.

If this man really could find the array’s core, it would save her the time of breaking every part of the array’s eye.

Looking down, she saw that both of their bodies were tightly joined together, and in a heavy tone said, “Make your black flag release us first.”

The man slightly lowered his head and smelt the fresh fragrance of medicinal herbs being emitted from her body, so pursing his lips, he said, “Your Purple Abyss Vine still restrains me too!”

Hexi furrowed her brows. “I’ll count to three, and then we’ll release each other at the same time.”

In a flash, the Purple Abyss Vine, and the black flag, simultaneously retreated and flicked into the air. The Purple Abyss Vine turned into purple light and returned into Hexi’s body, while the black flag returned to the man’s palm.

Hexi quickly stepped back to make space between them and silently took a deep breath, using this opportunity to restore her depleted internal energy.

On the other side, the man felt the sudden loss of warmth within his arms and missed the subtle fragrance tickling the tip of his nose. He was somewhat disappointed at the lost for a moment.

He looked up at Hexi, and the cold tone within his voice was mixed with a slight gentleness, “To get rid of the Major Cloud array, it’s necessary to find the array’s core and cut off its energy supply; just destroying one or two of the array’s eyes is useless. I have a way to find the array’s core; however, there is a strong spiritual power barrier surrounding the array’s core. As I can’t use the technique within the white fog, wanting to break through the barrier uses a large amount of effort. But, if we were to use your Purple Abyss Vine, it would be different…”

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