Chapter 299 - Escape Without A Trace

Chapter 299 - Escape Without A Trace

After building up enough force, Hexi’s attack made a whistling sound as it launched through the air.

Following the whistling, the purple vine abruptly transformed mid-air into many shadows; like a thousand arrows all shooting straight towards the man.

The man’s eyes gleamed with a hint of admiration, but then a corner of his mouth curled up.

The next second his big hand flipped over and a flag a blue so dark it seemed black suddenly appeared in his palm.

There was no apparent spiritual power being emitted from the flag due to the white fog, but there was a chillingly cold aura surrounding it that could make anyone terrified.

With a wave of the flag, every single purple vine was suddenly absorbed inside of it; all of them swallowed up silently and cleanly.

The man lightly laughed and went to look at the youngster, but then his expression swiftly froze.

There was no trace of the youngster anywhere within the thick white fog. As it turns out, the moment the Purple Abyss Vine had attacked, he’d taken the opportunity to disappear completely.

“He escaped! He actually dared to escape!!” A sharp light sparked within the man’s eyes. “You think you can run away from me?!”

In this world, no matter what he wanted; people or things, they could never get away from his grasp.

As soon as the words left his lips, the man’s figure disappeared; leaving only the churning white fog to indicate that something was amiss with the Major Cloud array.


The moment Hexi had released the Purple Abyss Vine, she’d used her qinggong to escape far away.

Although she was proud, she wasn’t arrogant. That black clothed man had clearly come prepared since he could use a high-level spiritual weapon without spiritual power. Coupled with the disparity in their experience, he wasn’t a person she could currently win against.

Hexi had initially wanted to destroy the next part of the array’s eye, but she was afraid of once again being caught by that crazy black clothed man. So hesitating for a moment, she pondered over what should she do now instead.

After thinking it over for a moment, she once more released the Purple Abyss Vine’s sub-vines, deciding to use it to find Nangong Yu and the others.

With help from Nangong Yu, Gu Liufeng, and the others, she didn’t believe that there was no way to destroy all sixty-four parts of the array’s eye.

However, just as she released the Purple Abyss Vine’s sub-vines, Hexi’s complexion promptly changed.

As the purple vines shot out like shadows, they unexpectedly made a loud bang. When she was able to see what had occurred clearly, she noticed that they’d blocked a powerful attack.

Hexi had an ashen complexion as she looked at the black clothed man who’d appeared not far away, and coldly said, “You followed me like the spirit of a deceased the end, what do you want?!”

The fog where Hexi was now standing wasn’t as thick as it was before, so the black clothed man could finally see the youngster’s features clearly.

Long eyelashes curled upwards, soft and snowy skin, beautiful lips, and long black hair that was dampened by the fog stuck to his cheeks. With such a pure appearance and brightly shining obsidian eyes, he had a countenance that could easily capture anyone’s soul.

Unexpectedly, it was a stunning youngster who could topple the world with just his looks. He appeared to be about fifteen to sixteen years old; a child who’d just entered adulthood but not yet twenty.

It turns out that it was only a tender youngster who’d forced him to such lengths. Even causing him to bring out the Black Banner.

The coldness in the black clothed man’s eyes transformed into excitement, and crossing his arms in front of his chest he arrogantly said, “I can allow you to live; however, you have to become one of my people and obey my words. If you do, I can promise you that as long as you help me to destroy this Major Cloud array, in the future, you’ll gain benefits that you never would’ve imagined having in this lifetime.”

Hexi looked at him with a ‘you’re crazy’ look, then sneered as she said, “There must be something wrong with your brain, or were you born mentally handicapped? Why should I help you break the Major Cloud array? Even going so far as to make me be one of your people and obey your deserve this based on what?”

“Good! Very good!” The black clothed man’s eyes suddenly flashed dangerously as a murderous aura condensed within them. “It seems that I’ll have to let you experience several defeats before you are obedient!”

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