Chapter 297 - Black Clothed Man

Chapter 297 - Black Clothed Man

Next, the white fog started surging around her; like a huge rock thrown into a tranquil lake.

The first part of array’s eye had been eliminated!

Hexi tapped her foot again, and at lightning speed, she proceeded towards the second part of the array’s eye.

The location of the second part of the array’s eye was more remote than the first’s. As soon as Hexi neared it, she couldn’t help but shudder.

Even though it was already cold in the white fog, this area seemed to be several times colder.

Moreover, even though the white fog was thick, you could still see about three metres ahead.

However, the white fog here was so thick that there was nearly zero visibility.

Hexi wiped at the water vapour gathering on her face, feeling the bitingly cold air seeping into her bones. At this moment, her hair and clothes were wet, and to withstand the cold air, she had no other choice but to use her internal energy.

With her powerful internal energy, she was now able to tolerate the cold environment.

Hexi no longer hesitated, and the Purple Abyss Vine sprung out from her hand in a flash. With a crash, the second part of the array’s eye was broken within the white fog without mishap.

Due to this, the rolling of the white fog became more violent, and its absorption of spiritual power increased to the point that it made all of Hexi’s meridians tremble.

She didn’t dare stay any longer, so she turned around to leave.

However, just as she was about to use her qinggong, her expression suddenly changed. Then, like a shadow, her figure jumped back a few steps.

The thick fog in front of her still made everything hard to discern, but she could vaguely see a tall silhouette slowly approaching her.

Just as Hexi was filled with bewilderment, she heard the deep voice of a man that was filled with murderous intent. “Who let you touch a part of the array’s eye?”

Hexi was momentarily shocked. This person also knew about the array’s eye?

Her brow furrowed, yet she didn’t answer the man and instead raised her foot, moving to flee like a bird.

“You want to escape?” The man’s voice was cold as he snorted in contempt.

Hexi had barely jumped into the air before an invisible force wrapped around her ankle, dragging her back.

This time, an alarmed expression finally revealed itself on Hexi’s face.

Hexi waved her right hand without hesitation, and a purple shadow shot towards the figure within the thick fog.

The purple vine trembled and waved in the air as it absorbed the spiritual power within the white fog, its momentum gradually increasing. Just as it was it about to fly towards the man, it twisted itself up like a small storm, signalling its intent to shred the man to pieces by whistling through the air.

However, a scene of the man being ripped into pieces didn’t happen as Hexi expected.

Instead, she heard the man make an exclamation of surprise in a puzzled tone before he then grabbed the Purple Abyss Vine with one hand. After he tugged on it a few times, it was left entirely immobilised.

Hexi was shocked once again, but before she could react, she felt an immense force grab her, and she abruptly tumbled forwards.

With a thump, she harshly made contact with something, causing her to feel faint and her vision to blur.

Her nose filled with the white fog’s cold atmosphere mixed with the robust and unfamiliar scent of a man.

“You’re just a low-level martial artist, yet you’re able to control the Purple Abyss Vine…haha!” A deep, dark, and husky voice sounded above her head. Obviously, it was only a soft laugh, but it made a person’s blood run cold when they heard it. “Speak, who told you about the location of the array!”

Hexi raised her head and saw a handsome face before her, with features as sharp as a blade.

The man looked to be about twenty-four to twenty-five years old, and he was dressed entirely in black. His features were undoubtedly handsome, but a callous aura surrounded his appearance; it was as if a cold and murderous spirit had crawled out of the depths of the underworld.

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