Chapter 294 - The Eye Of The Array? The Core Of The Array?

Chapter 294 - The Eye Of The Array? The Core Of The Array?

The girl suddenly covered her mouth and uttered a muffled sound of joy, while tears continuously rolled down her cheeks like a strand of pearls with its string snapped.

While the group of strong men who had previously been excited and were jeering nonstop, simultaneously showed horrified expressions.

Staggering back several steps, they were unwilling to believe that their powerful Boss had been slaughtered.

However, once they squinted to scrutinise the head, they recognised the familiar face. His facial features were twisted grotesquely, his eyes were wide open, and the black cloth covering his face had disappeared; revealing an expression of utter horror and despair.

“Spare...spare our lives!” Some of the men dropped to their knees, kowtowing to beg for mercy.

While others screamed and tensed to flee into the thick fog.

The purple vine in Hexi’s hand flashed as it suddenly sprang forward. In the next second, it was like a sword as it pierced the backs of those who wanted to run away.

Blood trickled down the leaves of the vine to drip unseen to the ground layered with white fog, and in a heartbeat, the air was permeated with the thick stench of blood.

Although, when Hexi retrieved the vine, the purple leaves were already clean and fresh; you couldn’t even see a trace of the blood. The Purple Abyss Vine swayed in delight, expressing its happiness and desire to continue consuming blood.

Hexi immediately rejected the Purple Abyss Vine’s wish to kill and eat in the white fog, and put the unwilling vine back into her space. She then slowly walked towards the only strong man who remained alive.

The strong man currently had a blank look in his eyes as he trembled and stared at the corpses of his companions. Due to the trembling his teeth were chattering together, and in the next moment, there was an overwhelming stench of urine as a wet patch spread between his legs.

“Please have mercy, Young Master, spare my life! I beg of you; please spare my life, I won’t dare do anything! I wouldn’t dare!”

Hexi’s towering figure looked down at him as she coldly asked, “Tell me, how long have you been in this white fog and how many martial artists have you robbed?”

How could that man dare to conceal the truth? He quickly kowtowed and said, “Answering Young Master, we...we were the first ones to enter this white fog; it’s been six days. In the beginning, we didn’t know that this white fog could completely absorb a martial artist’s spiritual power, we just wanted to profit from the medicinal field.”

“But, later, when we discovered that those spiritual cultivation martial artists who usually think so highly of themselves would become useless and helpless in the white fog, we came up with the plan of robbing them.”

The man raised his head and looked at Hexi, only to find her eyes focusing on him. “Continue, say what you know.”

“Yes! Yes! This small one absolutely wouldn’t dare conceal anything!” The man was so frightened that his trembling grew more violent before he quickly continued, “Normally us body refining cultivators are bullied and humiliated by spiritual cultivators, yet now we had an opportunity to take revenge. Moreover, this white fog is very strange. After we explored deeper we couldn’t find the way out, also...we couldn’t find a way to enter the medicinal field. Therefore, we all figured that we might as well wait around here and focus on robbing the martial artists’ whose spiritual powers were drained.”

Hexi furrowed her brows. “There’s no way to enter the medicinal field?”

“We didn’t find it, however...however, we met a group of extremely powerful martial artists. Although they didn’t have any spiritual power, the imposing aura being emitted from their bodies was immense. We didn’t dare approach them and instead, we quietly ran away.”

“But, I remember hearing them talking about wanting to enter the medicinal field and that to do so, they had to find the eye of the array...or the core of the array...or something…”

The eye of the array? The core of the array? The wrinkle between Hexi’s beautiful eyebrows deepened. As she’d expected, this white fog was a natural array.

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