Chapter 293 - Blood Refining Body Cultivator

Chapter 293 - Blood Refining Body Cultivator

“Damn bastard, who do you think you are?! How dare you meddle in our business?!”

At that moment, the masked leader finally returned to his senses. When he took a closer look at Hexi’s frail figure, exquisite face, pure white skin, and body without any spiritual power fluctuations, he immediately sneered without the fear that he’d had a moment ago.

“You’re only relying on a spiritual weapon that doesn’t require spiritual power, yet you want to take advantage of us? Dream on!”

“Haven’t I told you yet? I’m a blood refining body cultivator, not an ordinary spiritual cultivation martial artist. Even if you use a magical weapon, don’t think that you can survive under my hands!”

Upon saying that, the bodies of the masked men suddenly exploded with a severe amount of pressure that rivalled Mount Tai, and their entire bodies began to be enveloped in orange light.

In this world, most martial artists chose the road of spiritual cultivation. However, there were also a few who had poor qualifications and eventually decided to refine their bodies instead.

Refining the body was a hundred times more painful than spiritual cultivation, and the majority didn’t survive the training. In the end, they could only die like an ordinary person. Therefore, exceptions such as Nangong Yu’s were abnormal; being able to achieve a dual soul cultivation base was near impossible.

The ranks of refining the body were divided into a total of; honing the tendons, refining the blood, cleansing bone marrow, tempering the bones, casting off a mortal body and being reborn, and becoming an immortal. Don’t think that a blood refining body cultivator was weak because if they wanted to advance, they didn’t have to train hard for decades. Once they broke through the first rank, a blood refining body cultivator would be on an equal level regarding the strength of a high-rank Foundation Establishment stage martial artist.

The moment Hexi noticed their bodies emitting an orange light, she was momentarily curious yet amazed.

Of course, she wasn’t afraid of their strength. Instead, she was thinking about the differences between the methods of training for refining the body, and the methods of training she gave to Xi Jia and the others.

Although Xi Jia and the others were now rapidly improving, there was still no better way for them to advance. If she could combine her training methods with the blood refining body cultivation method, wouldn’t it help them to reach a new whole level?

Seeing the surprise on Hexi’s face, the masked leader couldn’t help but be supremely proud of himself. So lifting up his large axe, he rushed forth as he shouted, “I’ll let you have a taste of my big axe!”

With a loud boom, the white fog surged forth and completely enveloped the two people fighting, blocking them from view.

However, while the remaining few strong men had full confidence in their Boss, they couldn’t help but loudly tease, “Boss, remember to keep that little rabbit alive! We don’t mind playing with him, even if he is a little boy!”

“Boss, even if you chop off his hands and feet, spare that beautiful face of his! Adding it to our loot collection would be good too. Hahaha…”

The men’s cruel and rough laughter made the girl on the ground curl up into a ball and tremble violently, tears of desperation streaming down her cheeks.

If that youngster died, her...her fate would be incredibly miserable. What’s more, that youngster, to save her would...would…

Suddenly, the girl blankly stared ahead with wide eyes.

She’d noticed that the initially thick fog was now slowly dispersing, allowing a rhythmic thumping to be heard before that too ultimately stopped when the fog cleared.

The next moment, she saw a youngster dressed in pure white robes unhurriedly walking towards them. Twisted around his right hand; there was a purple coloured vine, while in his left hand; he was carrying a human head. Although the human head was dripping blood, the youngster’s clothes weren’t stained at all; as if he was a spotless white fairy untainted by the dirt of the world. At the same time, he seemed like an aloof god that looked down on everyone.

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