Chapter 292 - Helping Others

Chapter 292 - Helping Others

When everyone could finally see what it was, they saw that the purple shadow was actually a vine. Moreover, it was emitting a frightening amount of spiritual pressure.

“Who did you want to have fun with?” The youngster’s voice echoed in their ears. It was a clear and melodious voice which was pleasant to listen to, but when it reached their ears, it was like hearing an evil spirit from the underworld.

The man hanging from the vine opened his eyes wide and wanted to beg for mercy, but before he could utter a word, a crack resounded in his ears as his neck was instantly snapped and he lost his life.

A corner of the youngster’s mouth curled up into a cruel smile. “As for the rest of you, who else wants to have fun with me?”

The very youngster before them now was Hexi.

Not long after she’d entered the white fog, she was separated from Nangong Yu and the others.

As for the reason of their separation, Hexi had noticed that the purple vine in her hand was restless.

After entering the white fog, Hexi discovered that the white fog did more than merely injure a martial artist than just absorbing their spiritual power.

Within the white fog, there was a hard to detect aura of ice cold spiritual power. It entered a martial artist’s meridians little by little, gradually slowing their movements.

If they had a spiritual power supplement, it wouldn’t really matter, but because spiritual power couldn’t be used within the white fog, they could only purely rely on physical strength to resist the cold. Since everyone’s physical strength decreased extremely fast, in just a short period their complexions had all become somewhat pale.

Only Nangong Yu and Hexi didn’t seem to be affected by the white fog.

It was at this time that Hexi was surprised to discover that Nangong Yu had a dual soul cultivation base. Although he still couldn’t use spiritual power, the cold air within the dense fog was nothing to him.

While Hexi, on the other hand, wasn’t affected because of the plant spirit pet that she’d just taken in…

Though Hexi would never have guessed that the draining effect the white fog had towards spiritual power would be utterly ineffective towards the Purple Abyss Vine!

Not long after entering the white fog the Purple Abyss Vine had quietly left her space to explore, full of happiness and joy as it occasionally absorbed the spiritual power within the white fog. This caused Hexi to feel comfortably warm without a trace of coldness.

However, what Hexi didn’t expect was that after the Purple Abyss Vine had absorbed an enormous amount of spiritual power from the white fog, it unexpectedly had a small advancement.

This transformation affected the white fog and unfortunately caused a whirlpool to form inside the fog. But because the Purple Abyss Vine was her spirit pet, she was directly involved and was drawn into the whirlpool too! As soon as she awoke, she found herself alone.

When Hexi recalled being swept up into the whirlpool, she remembered Nangong Yu’s frightened and sorrowful expression, as well as his trembling shouts. Her heart couldn’t help but slightly tighten. That guy...he was really worried about her?

Hexi returned from her train of thought about Nangong Yu and swept her icy gaze over the masked men, before ultimately settling them on the undressed girl.

The clothes on the girl’s body had long been torn to reveal her delicate skin, but sadly, it also showed the ghastly bruises and cuts that covered her.

The girl’s expression had been blank as if she’d reached an extreme level of fear and desperation. It wasn’t until her gaze had locked with Hexi’s that she’d finally realised that she was saved, and it was then that she’d broken down into loud sobs.

At that moment, she’d really thought that she was ruined! Even if she hadn’t died today, her life would’ve still been the same as a dead person’s.

However, at such a critical moment, this god-like youngster had appeared like a hero with a bright cloud beneath his feet, rescuing her from hell.

Hexi’s eyes widened, and her cold gaze travelled back towards the few masked who were still panicking. “Originally, I wasn’t interested in meddling in other people’s business, but who told you all to commit such a disgusting act! You’re all worse than pigs! You’re fortunate for running into me today since this Young Master occasionally likes to help others. After all, what harm is there in helping others once in a while?”

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