Chapter 291 - This Group Of Animals!

Chapter 291 - This Group Of Animals!

Everyone roared with laughter and jeered in unison, “After Eldest Brother finishes having fun with her it’ll be our turn!”

The girl struggled with all her might to escape from the man’s large hands, simultaneously letting out a heart-rending screech, “You’re all animals! Animals! If you dare touch me, my Master and Daddy will never let you go! Kill me if you have the ability!”

The masked man yelled as he groped her chest, laughing with a lecherous expression, “Kill you? Such a beautiful girl; how could we be willing to kill you!?”

The force of his grip increased and a tearing sound could be heard as the girl’s clothes were instantly torn to shreds, revealing her soft skin and red undergarments.

“Indeed this is an item of the highest quality!” Saliva pooled in the men’s mouths and their eyes gleamed with fiery lust. “Eldest Brother, what are you waiting for, quickly f*ck this girl! With the fog being so thick and heavy, it’s a natural barrier from prying eyes!”

The masked leader’s eyes were also shining as he turned to his brother behind him, and said, “Shou Hou, hold this girl’s feet for me, don’t let her move.”

After his words, he immediately pinned the girl to the ground as if she was an animal.

The girl’s miserable and desperate shrieks echoed incessantly throughout the thick fog, however, her resounding scream was unanswered. Furthermore, even if someone did hear it, what could they do? Everyone in this thick fog was rendered powerless so who could come and save her?

In the blink of an eye, the masked man had completely stripped off the girl’s clothes. Shou Hou couldn’t help but loudly swallow his saliva as he held the girl down, an impatient expression on his face.

All of a sudden, Shou Hou felt something cold touch his neck that caused a sharp twinge.

He couldn’t help but reach out his hand to touch his neck, yet unexpectedly, his line of sight abruptly changed and flipped completely upside down.

Shou Hou opened his eyes wide with shock and stared helplessly at his now headless body. He then watched as it incessantly spewed forth a tremendous amount of blood that splashed across the girl’s body, as well as the Boss’s.

“ARGHH--!!” Amongst the robust men standing around in a circle and watching, the cowardly ones uttered screams of terror.

The masked leader who was soaked in blood finally returned to his senses and suddenly jumped up, gripping his large axe as he shouted, “Who are you that you dared to launch a sneak attack on us?! Quickly reveal yourself!”

As his words fell, he saw a vague silhouette slowly moving within the white fog.

It was a youngster who looked to be about sixteen to seventeen years old. He had snow-white skin, striking features, and bright red lips that were slightly pursed; like a red plum flower that had softly fallen onto the snow in winter.

As he gradually appeared the dense fog swept across his face, slicking back the jet black strands of his satin-like hair and causing it to gently stick to his slender and fair neck. Following the gorgeous arc of his neck, it gracefully extended downwards to an exquisite collarbone; prompting wild and fanciful thoughts.

The masked leader gulped. He could clearly see that the person before his eyes was a man, yet he still couldn’t help but feel his throat tighten, his breathing deepen, and the stirring in his genitals that had vanished due to the blood just a moment ago, was now back and throbbing more vigorously than before.

Oh shit! This was apparently a young man, however, to think that he was actually more seductive than the young lady from the Red Cloud sect!

“Stinky brat, you must have guts if you want to be a hero and rescue a beauty. Or do you want to replace that young lady and have fun with us brothers instead?”

The youngster ignored him and laughed, a corner of his mouth lifting into a stunning curve before he suddenly waved his right hand.

A purple shadow flew like a lightning bolt towards the man who spoke. Before he could react, that purple shadow abruptly wrapped around his neck and dragged him forwards like a dead fish.

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