Chapter 289 - I’ll Go Wherever You Go

Chapter 289 - I’ll Go Wherever You Go

Qing Long quickly stepped forward. “Young Master Xi, let this subordinate try it.”

Hexi nodded her head and stuck several needles into his body without hesitation.

The amount of time that Qing Long stayed in was rather long, so it was about half an hour before he rejoined them. The moment that he came out of the white fog, the ordinarily calm Qing Long now had a face full of smiles as he walked up to Hexi and said respectfully, “Young Master Xi, your medical knowledge has really reached perfection.”

To be able to suppress the loss of spiritual power by sealing acupuncture points, one would first have to have a deep understanding and confidence in the human body and meridian structures!

It was also at this moment that Qing Long was utterly convinced. If they were to ever find a cure to Nangong Yu’s cold illness in Mi Luo Continent, it would be in their Princess’s hands.

Hexi’s brows furrowed. “Although this method can solve a part of the problem, I feel that the dangers in the medicinal field will be far more than this. Furthermore, I don’t know how much land the white fog covers. If we were to stay in it for a few hours and were unable to come out, then it’s very likely that sealing off our acupuncture points wouldn’t be able to prevent the draining of spiritual power. You better clearly think about whether or not you want to take the risk of going in with me.”

These people were locally born and bred cultivators who were public figures. For them to be without spiritual power would be equal to them having their hands and feet broken, which would be far too dangerous. As for herself, spiritual power had never been the only way to protect herself. In a crisis, she just didn’t care about how much spiritual power she lost.

However, before Hexi could finish speaking, Nangong Yu lightly tapped her nose and unhappily said, “Little girl without conscience, I’ve said it so many times before, but you still want to leave me behind. I said previously that I'd go wherever you go, so don’t ever think of abandoning me.”

Since Nangong Yu wanted to go in, of course, Wu Yu and Qing Long would follow him. After all, compared to these useless people who were attempting to rob treasures on the outside, there were likely to be more dangers in the medicinal field.

While Gu Liufeng, on the other hand, gave a smug look. “I said before that I wanted to go on an adventure together with Little Yue’er,” He laughingly said, completely ignoring the sharp glare that Nangong Yu was throwing him.

In the end, only Zhou Yan’an and several of the bodyguards from Hell King Manor remained outside the white fog. Their cultivation bases’ weren’t high, so Qing Long made them hide far away to wait for more orders once they left the white fog.

When Hexi saw how many people were determined to enter the medicinal field with her, she no longer tried to persuade them and instead fished out a bottle of medicinal pills and handed them to everyone.

“This is a kind of medicinal pill that can increase a martial artist’s strength and speed in a short period. The medicine is relatively mild, and the effect isn’t too excessive. If an ordinary martial artist were to take this, they could withstand a level three or four Qi Refining stage martial artist at most, but the advantage is the duration time. Moreover, it has no side effects on the body.”

These medicines had initially been prepared to help Xi Jia and the others while they were training. When Hexi had refined them, she’d kept a few bottles in her space, but she’d never expected there would be a time when they would come in handy.

The people surrounding Hexi each held a pill with an amazed expression, not doubting her words in the slightest. During this time, Hexi had utterly subdued them all with her incredible medical skills.

Even Gu Liufeng swallowed the Pill without hesitation. When the effect of the medicinal pill was felt within his body, shocked covered his face. As he gazed at Hexi, his eyes gleamed with a brilliant light.

Outside the white fog, several martial artists were watching as they hid in the distance. When they saw that Nangong Yu and the others were entering and exiting the white fog several times, before finally entering the white fog and disappearing from their sight, they couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

“They’re really entering the white fog? Aren’t they afraid that they’ll be unable to come out and will be completely lost in there?”

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