Chapter 287 - Tied Together Forever

Chapter 287 - Tied Together Forever

Qing Long and Wu Yu were alarmed, quickly moving to prevent Nangong Yu from risking himself. “Master, your identity is rather extraordinary. If you were to lose your cultivation base and people knew it, then the consequences would be unthinkable. If you’re worried about Young Master Xi’s safety, then Wu Yu and I can accompany him. We swear we won’t let Young Master Xi suffer any injuries!”

A corner of Gu Liufeng’s mouth perked up, while a charming smile flowed within his eyes. “It’s also okay if you don’t go, I’ll accompany Little Yue’er. With me partnered with Little Yue’er, what difficulties won’t we sweep away? What do you think about it Little Yue’er, am I right?”

With a languid appearance, he leaned over to put his arm over Hexi’s shoulder.

Qing Long and Wu Yu’s eyes widened. This good-for-nothing, even at a time like this he still dared to provoke Nangong Yu!

Sure enough, a glint of coldness appeared in Nangong Yu’s eyes, and an invisible beam of spiritual energy shot forth. With a swish, it instantly pulled Hexi to his side.

Following that, Gu Liufeng cried out in shock from the sudden action. Jumping away, electricity had now scorched the long hair that had previously hung in front of his face into a bundle of smoking ends; this resulted in him cutting a sorry figure.

Nangong Yu glared at him coldly, slowly stressing, “It’ll never be necessary for you to protect my people. I will never allow Xi’er to leave me!”

Even more, he would never allow Xi’er to be alone with this bastard!

“Master--!” Qing Long and Wu Yu were full of anxiety, but they just couldn’t persuade Nangong Yu to stay. Having no other alternative, they threw pleading looks towards Hexi.

Hexi held her forehead. She would like nothing more than to get rid of these annoying people and just go in herself but...seeing Nangong Yu’s persistent gaze and Gu Liufeng’s smiling eyes...forget it, she had better things to do and didn’t want to waste any effort.

Hexi’s gaze fell on the white fog. With a hint of doubt flashing within her eyes, she couldn’t hold back and reached out her hand to touch it.

There didn’t seem to be any unusual feeling or spiritual power absorption; it appeared that she needed to be inside to experience it personally. In the end, how did this white fog absorb a person’s spiritual power?

“Don’t be so noisy,” Hexi muttered. “I’m curious about this white fog that absorbs spiritual power. I’ll go in first to take a look, while you all stay to discuss who will go and who will stay.”

Nangong Yu instantly responded, “I’ll go with you.”

“I’m just going in to take a look, not heading towards the medicinal field. I don’t need anyone to accompany me,” Hexi looked up and saw Nangong Yu’s persistently stubbornly expression, so she helplessly said, “Or you can take your Golden Silk and tie it around me, will that do?”

Hexi had said this as a joke, but who would’ve thought that when Nangong Yu heard it, his eyes lit up and he immediately took out the Golden Silk.

A moment later, Hexi watched as the Golden Silk was tied between her right hand and Nangong Yu’s left hand, causing a corner of her mouth to twitch.

Nangong Yu then leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “Xi’er, I really want to tie you like this to me forever!”

Hexi turned around and stormed into the white fog without the slightest hesitation; she refused to look at this shameless guy!

After barely entering, Hexi felt an immense force suctioning out her spiritual power within the white fog.

Her complexion turned pale, while from a distance she could just hear someone’s shrieks. “Let me out! Let me leave this damned fog! I no longer want any treasure...just let me leave!”

The white fog was not only able to absorb a person’s spiritual power, but it was also able to make fear bloom within a person’s heart and confuse their mind, resulting in them becoming lost within the white fog.

Along with this, after their spiritual power was utterly drained, the martial artist would then find that their vitality would start to drain away. So for most people who went into the white fog they would find themselves unable to come out, but still unable to reach the medicinal field. Unfortunately, this would end with them losing their lives’ within the white fog.

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