Chapter 285 - The Murong Family

Chapter 285 - The Murong Family

Many people wouldn’t recognise His Highness Hell King, but still, Wu Yu had quickly made him a disguise so that no one would know his true identity just in case.

But even though Hell King was disguised, an imposing aura was still being released from Hexi’s group, particularly from Qing Long and Wu Yu. The two of them hadn’t bothered to conceal their cultivation base at all and with them both being at the peak of Gold Core stage, it caused the groups surrounding the fog to shrink back in alarm.

A martial artist in the early ranks of Gold Core stage came forward and warily sized them up. “You also want to enter the medicinal field?”

Wu Yu indifferently responded, “If so, then what?”

“I’ll give you a bit of advice, you had better leave this place immediately,” The martial artist then lifted his head and arrogantly said, “Let me tell you the truth; this medicinal field has been claimed by our Murong family. You can enter if you want, but you’ll have to pay eighty percent of whatever you earn from the medicinal field to us.”

Before Wu Yu could reply he saw Gu Liufeng, who had been silently listening to this the whole time, suddenly take a step forward and sneer as he said, “If we don’t agree?”

“Don’t agree?” The martial artist burst into loud laughter. “Do you think that just because your cultivation base is high that you can take whatever you want from this medicinal field? I’ll tell you now that in here, even if your cultivation base high, you still can’t overturn the wind and the waves. Even if you’re a dragon on the outside, once you’re in our Murong family’s territory you have to be obedient.”

“Murong family?” Gu Liufeng slowly stressed the word.

“The head of the Murong family belong’s to one of Yan Jing City’s four great clans; don’t tell me you don’t know this?” Arrogance flitted across the Gold Core stage martial artist’s face and he looked at Gu Liufeng in contempt. “If you don’t abide by Green Wood Realm’s rules, even if you leave, my Murong family will never let you go. So if you’re tactful you should either get lost, or you’ll obediently do what we tell you to do!”

That martial artist hadn’t yet finished speaking when a fierce red light shot from Gu Liufeng’s hand.

Uttering a shrill scream as he flew back several feet, the martial artist then smashed heavily to the ground.

His eyes opened wide as they filled with disbelief. On his chest, there was a still ablaze wound that spread him open from chest to abdomen.

“!” Blood continuously flowed from his mouth and his face was a terrifying sight, filled with obstinacy. Ultimately, he was unable to finish what he was saying before he stopped breathing.

All the martial artists who were watching this had the same frightened expression on their faces’ due to Gu Liufeng’s ruthlessness; whether they were Murong family subordinates or a few of the Nalan family subordinates.

While on the contrary, the group of people from Hexi’s side were completely unmoved regarding Gu Liufeng’s abrupt violence. To them, it was as if what he had killed was nothing more but an insignificant ant.

Instead, the rather gossipy Wu Yu leaned towards Gu Liufeng and whispered, “Oh, do you hate the Murong family?”

Gu Liufeng calmly retrieved his Long Sword, an indolent smile hanging on a corner of his mouth. “They’re nothing but a group of dressed up pigs that are unpleasant to the eyes, it’s best to slaughter them when you see them. What hatred are you talking about?”

Hearing that, Wu Yu let out a fit of laughter and didn’t bother trying to pry further into Gu Liufeng’s privacy. Rather, he pointed at a martial artist beside the white fog and demanded, “You, come here!”

That person was a middle-rank Meridians stage martial artist. After just witnessing Gu Liufeng’s ruthlessness, his face instantly turned white when he was called over and he wished he could dig a hole to hide himself in.

“Don’t call me, don’t call me! I...I’m not from the Murong family! I was staying here in the hopes that I could take advantage of any trouble that might occur.”

Wu Yu sneered, “Just come here when I tell you to! Talk any more nonsense and I’ll rip your tongue out of your mouth to be a snack that’ll accompany a glass of wine!”

The Meridians stage martial artist was scared witless and began shaking all over. Frantically rushing forwards he dropped to his knees before Wu Yu’s feet, trembling as he kowtowed to beg for mercy.

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