Chapter 282 - Gluttonous Wu Yu

Chapter 282 - Gluttonous Wu Yu

When Hexi recalled the warm power that had wrapped around her when she was in the space crack, her expression couldn’t help but become slightly gentle.

However, Gu Liufeng standing nearby continued to add oil to the fire by saying, “Little Yue’er, in the future you must be careful of Feng Lian Ying, that poisonous woman. Tsk didn’t get to see the sinister expression on her face after you and Hell King had disappeared; even I myself had goosebumps when I saw it. I think she regards you as a powerful enemy who wants to snatch away her boyfriend. A woman who’s jealous to the core will do whatever’s necessary, no matter how unreasonable it is.”

Hexi was too lazy to correct Gu Liufeng of that nauseating address, and hearing what he had said, she sneered, “Even if she doesn’t come to find me, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever let her off. At the end of the day, we’ll see who moves faster and whose methods are more ruthless between the two of us!”

Gu Liufeng clapped his hands and laughed loudly, “Little Yue’er, I like your take on revenge of hatred and forthright character. If I currently had wine, I would definitely have a drink with you as I agree with you, my friend. Right, when you deal with that venomous woman, remember to call for me as I have a great deal of hatred for her due to her injuring Yan’an! So long as His Highness Hell King doesn’t interfere, I believe that I still have the qualifications to help you out.”

After saying that, Gu Liufeng glanced towards Nangong Yu and saw a dark and gloomy face glaring back at him. Nangong Yu’s expression was like he had just drunk vinegar and was on the verge of erupting. He obviously didn’t care about the life or death of Ice Lotus Fairy, so Gu Liufeng couldn’t help but smile.

It seemed that the rumour really was unfounded! He hadn’t expected that His Highness Hell King who’d always been cold-hearted and never close to a female, to actually be fond of a man. Ahh...nevertheless, the beautiful youth was to some degree more beautiful than a celestial being in a painting.

Just as Hexi was about to reply, she sensed movement and in the next second, she saw a silhouette rapidly fly over them and land right before Nangong Yu.

It was one of Nangong Yu’s trusted aides; Wu Yu!

Wu Yu first saluted Nangong Yu, then reported the result of his explorations of the secret territory. After finishing, he turned his head and saw Hexi, causing him to immediately exclaim, “Prin...cough...Young Master Xi, why are you here?!”

Hexi nonchalantly responded with, “Why can’t I be here?”

“No, Young Master Xi, of course you can be here,” Wu Yu swiftly changed his stunned expression into a smile of fawning. “I was just so deeply emotional because Bai Hu, that boy, couldn’t find you outside. He even scoured all of Yan Jing City, yet he still couldn’t find you.”

Hexi raised her brows in puzzlement.“Why is Bai Hu looking for me?”

“Naturally, it’s to protect you!” Wu Yu gave her a look of ‘why are you asking a question when you already know the answer?!’ “Master was aware that he would enter the secret territory, but this secret territory is extremely dangerous for martial artists of Meridians stage and below, so naturally he couldn’t bring you with him. Yet he was also worried that someone would trouble you when he wasn’t present, and therefore he sent Bai Hu to protect you outside.”

“You don’t know this, but I had originally wanted to handle the task of protecting you, while Bai Hu had wanted to follow Master into the secret territory to take a look. But that grumpy brother of mine, Wu Xin, simply didn’t listen to my protests and he kicked me straight into the secret territory! You tell me, with ashes, mountains, and rocks everywhere, where there’s nothing delicious to eat, what’s the meaning of me even coming here?!”

“But I really didn’t expect to see you, Young Master Xi! Your cultivation base is so low yet you were actually able to enter the secret territory. This is great, I no longer have to worry about what there is to eat. It’s because Master missed you and hated to part with you, so at the last moment he dragged you along…”

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