Chapter 280 - Rumours

Chapter 280 - Rumours

At the peak of the cliff there was a stretch of green hills, and not too far in the distance, there were the dead bodies of more than ten dark devil wolves lying on the ground emitting the thick smell of blood.

Before Hexi had time to take the bodies of the dark devil wolves into her space, Nangong Yu wanted to help her and sliced downwards with his sword. Unfortunately, when his sword went to cut into the bodies of the dark devil wolves, it crushed them into dust and caused perfectly good food materials to be wasted.

Hexi fiercely glared at Nangong Yu and seeing him rubbing his nose while looking helpless and awkward, she turned around and couldn’t help but utter a soft laugh.

She hadn’t expected such an embarrassed expression on the almighty Hell King.

It was so surprising was very cute!


Hexi had barely finished sorting out was left of the dark devil wolves and was about to call out to Nangong Yu that they could depart, when she suddenly sensed something and turned to gaze towards the distant sky.

A moment later, a few figures flew over and abruptly landed in front of them.

Before Hexi could get a clear look at who they were, she saw a black clothed man step forward with large strides and drop to one knee in front Nangong Yu, greeting him with clasped hands. “Master, are you alright?”

The person before them was Qing Long!

Of course, it wasn’t only Qing Long, there were also a few bodyguards from Hell King Manor; most of them high-level Meridians stage martial artists.

But, what surprised Hexi the most, was that Gu Liufeng and Zhou Yan’an were also there.

As soon as Gu Liufeng spotted Hexi, he slowly walked up to her and asked, “Little Yue’er, are you okay?”

Hexi didn’t have time to reply before she felt something tighten around her hand and by the time she realised what was happening, she had already been tugged behind Nangong Yu.

With a gloomy look on his face, he fixedly glared at Gu Liufeng, a dangerous light flashing within his eyes. “Young Master Gu, what did you think would happen when she’s by my side?”

Gu Liufeng stared blankly. Following which, he revealed a meaningful smile and lazily said, “There’s no need for Your Highness Hell King to be so petty. You two were opposing each other before so I was unaware that you and Little Yue’er were companions. An exchange of blows may lead to friendship and since Your Highness Hell King won’t hurt Little Yue’er, let’s shake hands and get along.”

His explanation didn’t make Nangong Yu’s expression better, it instead caused it to become darker. “Shut up! Who allowed you to call her Little Yue’er?! Who would want to shake hands with you? Go far away from Xi’er!”

Gu Liufeng looked at him with ridicule on his face and spread out his hands as he laughingly said, “You can say Xi’er, yet I can’t say Little Yue’er? Little Yue’er, you say something, am I right?”

Nangong Yu pulled out his Flying Sword with his complexion as black as storm clouds. “You’re courting death…!!”

Gu Liufeng seemed to be shocked as he took three steps backwards, but the expression in his peach blossom-like eyes was still relaxed; as if he was having fun teasing. “Okay, okay, in the future I’ll call him Xi Yue, that’s okay right?”

Yet after a brief pause, he rubbed his chin while his line of sight swept back and forth between Nangong Yu and Hexi. After what seemed to be a moment of contemplation, he meaningfully said, “This attitude of Hell King towards Little Yue’er...cough...Xi Yue, you can really make one’s imagination run wild. It’s just that...why was there a rumour on the streets about you and that Ice Lotus Fairy? Your Highness Hell King, to be so hot and cold like this and have an’s not good at all!”

Nangong Yu was stunned. “What rumour?”

“Naturally it’s a rumour surrounding your marriage!” Gu Liufeng’s charming peach blossom-like eyes widened. He was obviously still wearing a mask, but it gave people the perception of grace. “It’s well known that Hell King Manor will be connected by marriage to one of Mi Luo Continent’s four large sects; Liu Li sect, and that Hell King and Liu Li sect’s Young Clan Head; Ice Lotus Fairy, had long found affinity with the other and that you’d been yearning for each other secretly all this time. As soon as Ice Lotus Fairy leaves her closed door cultivation, breaking through to Nascent Soul stage, the two of you will finally forge an alliance. Your Highness Hell King, this news is known by everyone in Yan Jing City, don’t tell me that you don’t know about this?!”

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