Chapter 279 - Tie You To My Side

Chapter 279 - Tie You To My Side

Hexi pushed him away and with a blush covering her face she angrily said, “Where do you think you’re touching?! Pervert! I’m fine, I wanted to take a look what’s on the top of the cliff and in passing I dealt with a few dark devil wolves.”

A dark devil wolf was a third rank demonic beast. Although its cultivation base wasn’t very high, they usually lived in packs which meant that if you encountered one, it was the same as meeting a dozen of them.

Even knowing that Hexi’s current cultivation base was high enough to handle them, Nangong Yu still had some lingering fears.

“Why didn’t you call me?”

Hexi stared at him with puzzlement. Just a moment ago fear had been plastered across his face, but now it had clearly transformed into anger...was he bipolar?

“They’re nothing but third rank demonic beasts, I can easily deal with them.”

After saying that, she turned towards the cave to pack up but after barely walking two steps, Nangong Yu pulled her back.

Hexi wanted to struggle free but found herself unable to now that Nangong Yu’s strength had been restored. There was no way she could fight him.

Soon, Nangong Yu’s hand captured both of her wrists behind her back, while the other hand held her slender waist and firmly pressed her against his chest. “Next time, no matter what happens, don’t ever leave me. Do you hear me?”

Hexi angrily struggled and tried to break from his hold, but instead, she ended up being pressed tighter against him, resulting in almost no space left between the two of them.

“Nangong Yu, you might as well find a rope to tie me up with at this rate!”

Hexi had only said that because she was furious, but when Nangong Yu heard it his eyes instantly lit up. “Good idea.”

Following that, a length of finger-thick golden silk appeared in his hand and before Hexi had time to realise what was going on, he moved to tie her hands behind her back.

This was a high-level spiritual weapon called Golden Silk. Flying Swords were unable to cut it, while water and heat weren’t capable of damaging it. If she was tied by that, would she still be able to escape?

Hexi struggled with all her might. “Nangong Yu, are you kidding me?!”

“Do you think I’m joking?” Nangong Yu leaned closer to her ear and whispered in a hoarse voice, “Who told you to be so disobedient, always thinking of running away from me. Instead of always worrying about your safety, it’s better to tie you to my side.”

Hexi felt the icy cold spiritual power of the Golden Silk wrap around her wrists and became extremely anxious. Before, even though she had used all of her spiritual power, she still hadn’t been able to break free from Nangong Yu’s hands.

“Xi’er, I can untie you, but only if you’ll promise me that you stay by my side at all times.”

How could Hexi currently dare to argue with this crazy man? A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him so she hastily nodded and agreed. “Alright, I’m afraid of you so I’ll promise you, will that do? Now quickly release me!”

With that, Nangong Yu was satisfied and swiftly released her hands. Immediately jumping back a step, alertness and caution were on her face as she glared at him.

These kinds of unyielding yet delicate eyes resembled the luminous eyes of a little leopard. Seeing them, Nangong Yu felt his mind drift away and suddenly reached out his hands to pull her towards him.

Hexi abruptly felt herself moving backwards uncontrollably and when she returned to her senses, she found herself once again in Nangong Yu’s embrace.

Nangong Yu lowered his head and passionately kissed her bright red lips. After a moment, once he released her lips, his voice was lower and softer; like a gentle flow of water. “Xi’er, I’ve wanted to do that since a long time ago.”

Hexi ferociously wiped her lips that were extremely painful from being kissed and angrily glared at him. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to provoke this crazy man again so she turned around to enter the cave.

After she finished tidying up her stuff, the two quickly flew to the peak of the cliff. Yesterday, it had been Hexi carrying Nangong Yu, but this time, regardless of Hexi’s protests, Nangong Yu had embraced her waist and carried her to the peak in only a moment.

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