Chapter 274 - The Perfect Wife

Chapter 274 - The Perfect Wife

Without the Purple Abyss Vine obstructing her sight, Hexi could now clearly see the cave on the cliff.

It was a cave made entirely out of rock and except for the Purple Abyss Vine, there weren’t any traces of other plants or small reptiles around.

The cave entrance wasn’t large and only allowed for two people to enter at the same time, but when inside, they found that the inside was exceptionally wide. They were unsure if it was because there weren’t any snakes, rats, ants, or any sort of plant, but the atmosphere inside the cave was fresh and dry.

Hexi had originally intended to bring Nangong Yu to the top of the cliff, but now it seemed that this cave that had been guarded by the Purple Abyss Vine was more secure than an unknown cliff. It also seemed more suitable for healing.

Nangong Yu brought out a huge night pearl to light up the entire cave, while Hexi removed all the items of furniture she had stored in her space.

Big items such as a large bed, table, and chairs, and small items such as food, tableware, and chopsticks. Everything that a person could think of was brought out one by one.

This was also the difference between Hexi and other martial artists. An ordinary martial artists’ storage space ring wasn’t so large and with only a small space, they were barely able to store treasures and medicinal pills; so why would they be willing to store such insignificant things like these?

But Hexi’s space was extremely large. So even though she was removing things like the table and chairs that she had placed in a corner of the Spirit Firmament Palace, it still wasn’t anywhere near full. All her things in the Spirit Firmament Palace were organised by category, so she wasn’t worried at all that storing junk like this would take up the room she could use for treasure items.

Since she could enjoy the pleasure of having such plentiful resources, Hexi had never treated her people unfairly and she was naturally willing to make her adventurous life more comfortable.

Hexi supported Nangong Yu and helped him to lie on the large soft bed, but instead of cultivating right away, he chose to smile as he watched Hexi busily moving back and forth. And as he was watching, his expression slowly became more and more gentle.

When Hexi turned around, she caught sight of Nangong Yu smiling joyfully as he looked at her. With his handsome face shining under the light of the night pearl, it made him seem like a seductive demon and caused her heart to palpitate like crazy.

Looking displeased she glared at him and asked, “What are you laughing about? Didn’t you say that you wanted to recover from your injury as soon as possible? Why haven’t you started cultivating yet?”

Nangong Yu slowly sat up and faintly laughed, “Because I was reluctant to remove my eyes from you! Currently, Xi’er seems like a hardworking little wife busy looking after her husband...well, to have such a perfect wife, this King is really blessed with the fortune of three lifetimes!”

“Dream on!” Hexi grabbed one of the pillows on the bed and smacked him over the head with it. “Who’s your wife!”

Being heavily hit by the pillow, Nangong Yu uttered a muffled groan and bowed his head in pain.

It wasn’t a soft cotton pillow, but rather a weighty buckwheat pillow. So although not completely convinced that the great Hell King would be hurt by a buckwheat pillow, Hexi still couldn’t help but worriedly move a few steps closer to him. “Hey, are you okay?”

But before she had even finished asking, Hexi suddenly felt a strong force grab her and for a moment, she felt herself spinning in the air.

Once she recovered her sense of balance, she realised that she had been dragged onto the bed by Nangong Yu and was now firmly pinned beneath him.

Nangong Yu gazed down at her while the two of them were so close together, and within Nangong Yu’s pitch-black eyes, it seemed like there was a brightly burning flame.

Being watched like that caused Hexi to be flustered, and she moved her hands and feet to struggle free.

However, purely comparing their strengths, she was nowhere near Nangong Yu’s match. She wanted to use spiritual power to free herself, but she was worried about his injuries so she didn’t dare act rashly. Unfortunately, this left her trapped in an impossible situation.

Using her hands, she forcefully pushed at Nangong Yu’s chest and angrily shouted, “What are you doing?! Quickly let me go, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Nangong Yu bowed his head and his black, silk-like long hair, caressed the side of Hexi’s face. With the ends of his hair sweeping across the side of her face, she felt a startlingly numb feeling spread throughout her body.

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