Chapter 273 - Subdue

Chapter 273 - Subdue

Thinking of it, Hexi frowned until she suddenly felt Nangong Yu lightly scrape the tip of her nose, his voice filled with a teasing tone as he smiled, “Little fool, of course, it’s not easy for other people to subdue spiritual demon plants, but you have something they like the most; spiritual spring water. Don’t tell me you still don’t know how to bargain with them?”

When she heard that, Hexi was unable to refute Nangong Yu and quickly spread out her left hand. In an instant, spiritual spring water started to slowly condense in her delicate white palm.

Sure enough, once the Purple Abyss Vine sensed the rich and fragrant spiritual energy, it immediately climbed up and wrapped itself around Hexi’s arm like a child wanting to grab spiritual food.

While the Purple Abyss Vine was greedily absorbing the spiritual energy, Nangong Yu took advantage of the situation to immediately grab Hexi’s right hand and gently bite one of her fingers.

The scarlet blood then seeped out to slowly drip onto the Purple Abyss Vine.

In a split second, an intense violet light constantly pulsed around the vines, causing them to stand up straight and make a rustling sound.

It was almost like it was angry and tried to resist by desperately struggling.

Hexi’s eyes frosted over and she coldly said, “You wanted spiritual spring water, so naturally you have to pay the price. I, Hexi, hereby promise that as long as you become my spirit pet, in the future I’ll allow you to drink as much Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring water as you want.”

After she finished speaking, the Purple Abyss Vine suddenly stopped shaking and struggling. Yet the leaves still continued to move and make a rustling sound like it was in an intense discussion.

Eventually, all of the Purple Abyss Vine stopped swaying and it moved in front of Hexi. Her blood, including the spiritual spring water on her palm, slowly disappeared into the Purple Abyss Vine’s body.

The next moment, a violet light gleamed on her palm. The mark of a purple vine then flashed before it slowly disappeared from view.

Hexi used her Divine Sense to internally inspect her body and found that the Purple Abyss Vine really was residing within her.

Focusing her mind and stretching out her right hand, she watched as a purple vine was instantly released and hit a huge rock on one side of the cave. In the blink of an eye, the huge rock was crushed into dust.

This process was extremely fast and the sound was very faint, so if you weren’t watching carefully, it would’ve been easy to miss it. All it took was the flash of a purple light, and it looked like the huge rock was shattered due to the weather.

Hexi was satisfied as she returned the Purple Abyss Vine into her body. She found that the Purple Abyss Vine could freely lengthen and shorten according to her thoughts, and moreover, its speed was extremely fast. It was definitely more effective to use than her previous bone whip.

But while Hexi was satisfied, the Purple Abyss Vine within her body was very unhappy and continuously protested.

Although spiritual demon plants usually couldn’t speak, the owner of the contract could generally understand what they meant anyway.

As a result, Hexi felt like there was a voice in her head constantly scolding her for not keeping her word and being untrustworthy.

Hexi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Focusing once more, she moved the Purple Abyss Vine into her space, leaving only a short length of vine within her body as a weapon.

However, when the Purple Abyss Vine was moved into her space, Hexi discovered a strange thing.

She could actually see the state of her space even though she wasn’t currently in it. She could even see Dandan and little Golden Dragon lying on the edge of the spirit spring, Dandan’s broken voice ringing in her ears.

Although the little Golden Dragon was still in a coma, she could tell that the two little guys’ bodies were recovering which made her heavy heart feel relieved.

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