Chapter 271 - Purple Abyss Vine

Chapter 271 - Purple Abyss Vine

After saying that, he leaned his body forward onto Hexi’s back and without hesitation, his hands encircled her slender waist.

Hexi only felt something warm envelope her and was completely unaware of the weight she was now supporting. Instead, all her senses were concentrated to his lips as they slowly exhaled beside her ear.

“I entrust this King’s lifelong happiness to Xi’er’s hands. Xi’er, have to take responsibility!”

Responsibility your sister!

Hexi grabbed Nangong Yu’s hands and gathering all her spiritual power, she then soared into the sky towards the top of the valley.

The whistling wind passing their ears brought with it a gust of cold air, yet the man on her back was keeping her extremely warm.

For a moment, Hexi’s mind wandered.

It seemed like it was only an hour ago when they were on opposing sides and on the brink of severing their relationship.

But now, it had become a situation of dependency regarding life or death.

Fate really loved to tease people! What sort of future would there be between Nangong Yu and herself?

The cliff of the valley was really high, so even though Hexi’s spiritual power was almost depleted they still weren’t able to see the peak.

Fortunately, not too far away there was a cave in the cliff wall, allowing her to temporarily catch her breath and replenish her spiritual power.

Landing steadily in front of the cave, Hexi was able to examine it up close and realised that while it looked shallow at first glance, it actually led deeper into the cliff wall. It only appeared shallow because it was covered by a thick layer of wisteria.

However, this wisteria was quite strange as its branches were transparent and with a closer look, you could see a liquid flowing inside of it.

Hexi couldn’t help herself and took two steps closer to take a look at it.

Suddenly, Nangong Yu’s voice sounded in her ears, “Careful, this is a fifth rank spiritual plant; Purple Abyss Vine.”

Unfortunately, Nangong Yu’s warning came just a breath too late. Hexi’s finger had barely brushed against the plant when she felt a strong wind attack aiming towards her face.

The harmless looking purple vines of a moment ago had moved together like a whip and thrashed themselves towards Hexi’s body.

Hexi was shocked and quickly retreated several steps, but the speed of the purple vines was faster. Furthermore, every vine heading towards her seemed to have the striking strength of a Meridians stage martial artist.

Yet, just as Hexi was about to be hit, the sound of lightning abruptly crackled and echoed by her ears.

The purple vines were struck by this wave of lightning and stopped; seeming to be hurt as they trembled along the ground. Several of the vines were completely burnt by the lightning and quickly shrunk back towards the cave entrance.

Nangong Yu quickly pulled Hexi behind his back, and holding up the black sword in his hand, he prepared to attack the purple vines.

But Hexi suddenly gripped Nangong Yu’s hand and said with exasperation, “Nangong Yu, are you crazy?! Even now you’re still daring to use spiritual power! Are you looking for death?!”

Nangong Yu froze, and before he had time to recover, he’d already been dragged behind Hexi’s back. Next, a powerful earth attribute barrier appeared to protect him and keep him firmly behind her.

“Just obediently wait in there for me. If you dare move, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Seeing the girl’s slim back blocking him from harm, Nangong Yu became momentarily stunned.

For the first time, there was someone who treated him like a treasure and willingly stood in front of him to protect him.

This feeling was very strange, yet also...tremendously wonderful; causing his entire heart to feel sweet and sour as if it was soaked in honey.

Why was his Xi’er always so special?

Currently, though, Hexi was focusing on the danger before them; how would she know that behind her Nangong Yu’s head was lost in thought.

Seeing the purple vine’s second attack heading their way, Hexi’s heart lurched and she abruptly gathered her spiritual power.

In the blink of an eye, a golden flame condensed into a spectacularly patterned ball on her fingertips before she quickly smashed it towards the Purple Abyss Vine.

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