Chapter 270 - You, Hop Up

Chapter 270 - You, Hop Up

Taking advantage of Nangong Yu’s meditation to digest the Ninth Secluded Spring Water and the spiritual energy from the medicine, Hexi began to examine the Roc’s dead body.

Unlike the Golden Python’s broken bones, the Roc’s flesh was still intact so the whole body could be collected.

The Roc’s body was too broken by Nangong Yu’s strikes, while the sharp beak and claws that could’ve been used to make weapons were almost completely damaged by Nangong Yu’s sword.

Knowing that only thirty to forty percent of Nangong Yu’s strength remained, but that he was still able to beat a sixth rank spiritual beast to such a miserable pulp, Hexi’s heart couldn’t help but quiver.

In the end, just how strong was this guy’s real strength?

After Nangong Yu finished absorbing the medicine’s energy, he temporarily froze his internal energy to give his body time to recuperate because although the Roc’s smell was currently lingering in the area, there was also the strong stench of blood. This, coupled with the unstable cracks in their present space, meant that it wouldn’t be safe to stay in this place for a long period of time.

Just as he finished converging his spiritual energy and raised his head, he saw Hexi with her sleeves rolled up and readying herself to sort out the Roc’s dead body.

He couldn’t help smiling as he said, “Although a lot of spiritual power is contained within the Roc’s flesh, an unpleasant smell of urine lingers on it which is hard to remove and causes it to be hard to swallow. Xi’er, if you’re interested in the Roc’s corpse just take its inner core; the rest isn’t useful.”

Ignoring him, Hexi used a sharp dagger to cut down the Roc’s flesh, following along its veins. Without raising her head, she then answered, “Oh, it doesn’t taste good? Then you won’t get to eat any!”

After saying that, she threw the last piece of meat smeared with blood into her space. Then, lifting her head, the perspiration trickled down her hair onto her smooth white forehead. Her phoenix-like eyes were glistening brightly just like stars as they stared up at him.

Nangong Yu was fascinated by her lofty face and he couldn’t help but laugh involuntarily, “Okay, I was wrong. I forgot that the most unpalatable of foods can be made into the most wonderful of treats in my Xi’er’s hands. My Xi’er is amazing!”

Hexi snorted coldly, “Nonsense. Are you done absorbing the medicine’s energy? Where’re we going next?”

Nangong Yu pointed his finger at the top of the cliff. “Anyway, let’s leave this valley first, we’ll discuss this again later.”

After saying that, he used the black sword in his hand as a prop and slowly went to stand up. But before he could stand up straight, he staggered and almost fell back to the ground.

Hexi immediately gripped his wrist and carefully started examining the vein located there.

The more she checked, the more pronounced the crease between her brows became. While Nangong Yu’s body had now been replenished with a lot of spiritual energy, this spiritual energy, however, had gathered in his dantian and wasn’t able to spread to his meridians.

Because the injury in his meridians was somewhat serious, it needs some time to self-heal. Moreover, his stamina had been almost completely used up, so it wouldn’t recover within such a short amount of time.

Hexi frowned as she looked at the high cliff, vaguely making out the tip of it through the layer of clouds.

With Nangong Yu’s current body it would be too difficult for him to climb up, yet it would also be too dangerous if they didn’t leave as they were near an unstable crack in space.

“You, hop up!” Hexi said as she suddenly stood in front of Nangong Yu, her back facing him.

Nangong Yu was stunned to the point of standing still, and for a long while he didn’t make a sound until Hexi once again urged him to hop up. Then, coughing lightly, he said, “Actually, I can go up by myself!”

Hexi turned to glare at him. “If you want to add another wound to your previous one, go ahead and climb up by yourself, but if a sixth rank spiritual beast appears again I’ll have to fight it alone!”

Nangong Yu’s expression was somewhat uncomfortable and his jade-like white complexion was slightly flushed as Hexi glared at him. So, he then grudgingly said, “This King’s legendary reputation is going to be ruined by Xi’er hands.”

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