Chapter 267 - Protect You Throughout This Lifetime

Chapter 267 - Protect You Throughout This Lifetime

Unfortunately, with his spiritual power currently depleted and his physical strength completely exhausted, before he could properly get up he staggered and heavily fell to the ground.

“Nangong Yu…!” Hexi rushed to support him, cold sweat appearing on her spine due to fright. “Are you unwilling to live anymore!?”

Nangong Yu’s jet black eyes were scorching hot as they stared fixedly at her. Just half an hour ago he still had the appearance of a monster that could extinguish the world, but now he looked like a pitiful dog with his watery eyes.

Hexi felt defeated by him and ultimately, she picked up the bowl on the side, then unhappily said, “Okay, I’ll feed you! Lord Hell King!”

A corner of his mouth slightly raised. Regardless of Hexi’s opposition, half of his upper body leaned against her as he happily accepted Hexi feeding him the medicine.

Occasionally he would touch Hexi’s soft and delicate cheek; his expression one of satisfied contentment.

But after barely being fed two spoonfuls, his hand touched Hexi’s wound on her left shoulder and realised that it felt cold. Instantly his eyes darkened and the glint of a cold light flashed within them.

Hexi was just about to feed him the third spoonful of medicine when she abruptly felt a warmth on her shoulder. Then, a burst of spiritual power covered the wound on her left shoulder.

For a split second, her cold body and frozen to the point of numb left shoulder instantly restored to their original condition.

Hexi’s eyes widened; Nangong Yu, this guy! Obviously, his spiritual power was depleted, and with great difficulty, he was finally able to restore some, but now he’d used it to treat her minor injury! Is there something wrong with this guy’s brain?!

While Hexi had still been inside the secret territory’s Zijin Palace, she’d naturally sustained an extremely heavy injury; but it was mainly the depletion of her spiritual power and she hadn’t had enough time to recover it yet. After drinking some of her spiritual spring water she’d felt much better. And as for the injury on her shoulder, she’d intended to transfer her spiritual energy around the wound to expel the cold air and help it to naturally heal.

Compared to the current condition of Nangong Yu’s injury, Hexi’s small injury was simply nothing!

Yet just as Hexi was about to say something, she heard Nangong Yu’s dark voice vowing in her ears, “Xi’er, believe in me, I’ll protect you throughout this lifetime!”

Hexi’s body slightly startled and her heart felt as if it was being scratched by something; it was itchy, yet gentle.

However, very quickly, she remembered the scene that she’d seen not too long ago.

Nangong Yu had turned around to examine the extent of Feng Lian Ying’s injury, leaving Hexi behind. Furthermore, for Feng Lian Ying, he’d pierced Gu Liufeng with a sword.

The fire in her heart instantly extinguished as if cold water was poured on it; like the frigid winter wind blowing into a warm room.

Hexi’s complexion hardened and became cold as she indifferently said, “Nangong Yu, since it’s an impossible thing to do, why even promise in the first place? You only dare to say it while we’re in the secret territory, but if I really killed Feng Lian Ying, would you honestly let me off?”

Nangong Yu blankly stared at Hexi, watching as a corner of her mouth lifted into a cold smile as she said, “You said that you’ll protect me throughout this if I tell you that the injury on my body was caused by Feng Lian Ying, what would you do? Would you kill your beloved Little Sister Lian Ying?”

Nangong Yu’s body stiffened slightly and he lowered his eyes to hide the surging emotions within them.

Sensing the icy atmosphere and alienation being projected from Hexi’s body, he really wanted to say something. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, he had to swallow back the words that were already on the tip of his tongue.

Nangong Yu stayed silent; as she’d expected. Seeing this, although Hexi had long ago prepared her heart, an unspeakable disappointment and rage still surged within her heart.

She sneered and said, “Gu Liufeng and I merely injured her a little and yet you couldn’t wait to choke me. If I’d really killed her, weren’t you going to want my life in revenge? Nangong Yu, even though things are like this, you still dared to say that you’ll protect me throughout this lifetime? Don’t make me laugh!!”

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