Chapter 266 - I’ll Never Let Go

Chapter 266 - I’ll Never Let Go

His warm breath tickled Hexi’s ear and made it burn, so she quickly edged further away.

This guy simply didn’t care about his life; his injuries were obviously serious! For an ordinary person, getting this badly hurt would be fatal, but he was acting like he wasn’t even the one who was injured!

The absorption rate of Ninth Secluded Spring Water was a hundred times more powerful when compared to other normal healing medicines. So using the spring water, Hexi poured some on his wounds, while the rest she made him drink.

Colour slowly began restoring itself to Nangong Yu’s pale complexion, while the garish wounds on his body began to rapidly heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, Nangong Yu’s body had many injuries, and most of them were so deep that even his bones could be seen. Even if they healed, sinister scars would still remain.

When Hexi examined those scars, her brows couldn’t help crease as it reminded her of that extremely disturbing battle scene and the fear in her heart.

Nangong Yu laughed lightly as he teased her, “Ohh...the wounds are extremely ugly, huh? Does Xi’er dislike me now?”

Hexi clenched her teeth to suppress the hoarseness and choked tone in her voice, fiercely responding, “Yes! So ugly that just looking at them is irksome!”

Nangong Yu raised his eyebrows, shamelessly pressing closer to Hexi as he whispered, “Don’t most people say that a man with a scarred body is sexy?”

Hexi was treating the bone fracture on his arm, and when she heard that, her movement of pressing her hands on his wound momentarily slowed.

“If other people think you’re sexy, then you can go and find them!” Hexi sneered.

Nangong Yu released a muffled groan, his face showing a pained expression. Following this, his pained expression turned into one of grief with his long eyelashes slightly hanging down.

“Now you know what pain feels like!” Hexi’s heart couldn’t bear it, and the voice that left her mouth was unyielding as she applied excessive pressure to his wound. “In the future, let’s see if you dare not treasure your life!”

“As long as Hexi is by my side, no matter how heavy the injury, this King won’t be afraid.”

Nangong Yu abruptly reached out his uninjured hand to wrap it around her slender waist, pulling her into his embrace. “Xi’er, you won’t leave me, right? No matter where you go, I’ll always follow you. I’ll absolutely never let you go!”

Always follow me?! Are you a malicious spirit?!

Hexi glared at him, then she turned to free herself from his arms. She no longer wanted to pay attention to this man’s shameless words.

Instead, all of her energy was being spent on treating Nangong Yu’s injuries.

Whether it was the horrible scars or the broken arm, while all of them were terrible to see, in actuality they weren’t that big of a deal.

With Hexi’s medical skills and the ability of a Nascent Soul stage martial artist’s powerful regeneration and healing, she could guarantee that within a few days Nangong Yu would be completely recovered.

Rather, the most troublesome part was the excessive amount of spiritual power that Nangong Yu had consumed when he was fighting with the Roc. Due to such a depletion of spiritual power his meridians were burnt in many places, and they would need time to be nursed back to health.

After some thought, Hexi took out a decoction used to restore meridians that was made of high-grade spiritual herbs that grew in her space, and water from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring.

However, when she went to pass the decoction to Nangong Yu, he shook his head without hesitation. “Xi’er, you can see that I’m currently unable to move freely, so why don’t you feed me instead?”

Hexi: “...” It was only your right hand that was fractured, your left hand is still okay! How come you can’t drink the medicine on your own?!

Nangong Yu turned his head to the side, unwilling to look at the black medicinal liquid in Hexi’s hands any longer. With a gloomy and sad face, he said, “You personally gave Gu Liufeng, that brat, acupuncture treatment. Your hands even touched his body, yet you refuse to feed me. Xi’er, in your heart, am I less important than him?”

A corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched; she refused to say a word.

Nangong Yu’s expression filled with resentment and sadness, and suddenly grabbing his black Long Sword, he used it to support his body as he stood up.

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