Chapter 265 - Will You Die If You Don’t Show Off?!

Chapter 265 - Will You Die If You Don’t Show Off?!

A corner of his mouth lifted into a charming smile, and he said with a gentle voice, “Relax, I’ll come to you after I finish dealing with this beast! Just obediently wait for me!”

After saying that, he waved his left hand. Following this, the void spiritual barrier suddenly soared into the air, bringing Hexi to a remote cave at the furthest corner of the valley.

This place was far from the battlefield and was protected from the dark thunderclouds and gale. From here you could see the gale sweeping sand, pebbles, and grass into the air, and a space enveloped by a dark aura in the centre of it all.

The fierce battle was being carried out before her eyes, yet she couldn’t see or do anything to help!

Suddenly, within the dark aura, there came a violent cacophony of loud sounds.

Shortly afterwards, the Roc soared high into the sky. It then waved its hundred-meter long wings, which made a sharp whistling sound echo throughout the valley.

All the broken rocks in the valley were swept up by the gale, while all the vegetation was pulled up from the ground. Scattering everywhere, some even flew towards Hexi, but fortunately she was completely covered by the void spiritual barrier.

Hexi’s hands tightly clenched into fists when she saw Nangong Yu fly like an arrow into the sky, leaving only a shadow as he faced the Roc.

As one black and one yellowish brown shadow collided in the air, it sent a terrible shockwave throughout the valley.

It was as if fireworks bloomed magnificently in the sky as brown feathers rained down as far as the eye could see, while a thick smell of blood filled the sky.

Imprisoned in the cave, Hexi at this moment sensed that the energy of the void spiritual barrier was gradually weakening, which meant that Nangong Yu’s spiritual energy was also gradually weakening.

She was so anxious it felt like she was being burnt alive as she constantly pounded against the void spiritual barrier; but all to no avail.

Suddenly, a shrill bird cry pierced her ears and a glaringly bright flash of thunder lit up the sky, lighting up a black shadow savagely slicing the Roc from its neck, straight to its heart.

Hexi stared blankly at the sky, completely oblivious to the void spiritual barrier disappearing.

With a tremendous thud that echoed loudly throughout the valley, the Roc’s dead body fell from the sky and smashed a huge hole into the ground.

Then, Nangong Yu slowly descended from the sky still holding his sword and landed beside the Roc.

Hexi heaved a sigh of relief. Loosening the fists she’d clenched so tightly that she’d hurt her palms, she then quickly ran towards him.

Unfortunately, once she was close enough to Nangong Yu and could clearly see his appearance, she sucked in a cold breath.

Other than his face, Nangong Yu’s entire body was filled with wounds. And since he was absolutely drenched in blood, it gave off the impression that he had been bathing in it.

One of his hand’s hung powerlessly at his side, displaying evidently that his bone was broken.

But even if this was the case, when Nangong Yu saw her, a corner of his mouth raised to expose an affectionate smile. “Xi’er, did you see that! Just as I said before, I’m your man and I’ll definitely be able to protect you!”

Hexi’s heart suddenly slowed with a sour and painful twinge as an incomparable anger and worry rushed forth one after another, causing the choked voice that left her mouth to tremble, “Nangong Yu, will you die if you don’t show off?! Who wants to be protected by you?!”

Although she was speaking like that, she still immediately took out her Silver Needles and quickly stood before Nangong Yu.

Acting like it wasn’t worth anything, she continuously poured precious Ninth Secluded Spring Water onto his wounds and stuffed his mouth with medicinal pills.

For the first time, Hexi’s hands were cold and trembling as she held her Silver Needles.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she’d been so scared and frightened when the void spiritual barrier had weakened little by little!

Nangong Yu grabbed Hexi’s small hands that were cold and trembling, softly saying, “Xi’er, don’t worry, I’m alright!”

“Who was worried!?” Hexi angrily responded while gnashing her teeth.

Nangong Yu reached out his hand to gently rub at the redness in corners of her eyes, his voice soft and husky as it reached her ears, “Mmh, I was worried…worried that I have no way to protect you, worried that Xi’er will think that I’m not good enough, and worried that you’ll like other men!”

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